What is your neck saying about you?

neck lift in guilford ct and new havenYour neck would say your face gets all the attention
Most of us monitor signs of aging by watching for wrinkles and sagging skin on our faces. And when we notice something unpleasant, we might step up our skin care or seek out one of the many surgical or non- surgical options that are available to help us look as young as we feel.

Patients say they’re often surprised when they start noticing the condition of their necks, with some reporting that it seems like their necks age even faster than their faces.

It’s the area that goes unnoticed that shouldn’t go unnoticed

And it might be something a lot of us are missing. Because it’s hiding there, in the shadow of our chins, and can be an area that often gets neglected, even as we seek methods to improve our appearance.

Your neck doesn’t want to be a turkey

Thanks to the same aging process that shows on our faces, the skin around the neck becomes loose and crepey. To add insult to injury, our muscles weaken, and excess fat can create neck creases and a “gobble” under the chin.

Your neck is ready to be the star

If you’ve realized that your neck is not telling the right story about you, it might be time to learn about a lower rhytidectomy, or neck lift, a surgical procedure that can improve the look of your jawline and your neck. And within days of the surgery, improvement in neck and jaw contour can be noticeable.

There might be reason you ignore your neck

Many of our patients associate necks lifts with full facelifts, and they aren’t always ready for that. But a neck lift is a separate procedure and is growing in popularity among women and men.

Your neck wants you to take the first step

Schedule a consultation appointment by calling (203) 453-6653. You can meet with Dr. Price, discuss the surgery and your goals — and decide if a neck lift is the right choice for you. Your neck will talk better about you.

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