What is IPL?

Beautiful young asian woman with clean fresh skin on white backgroundWhat is IPL? It is a noninvasive, nonsurgical, yet very effective way to take care of a variety of skin problems and to make skin look fresh and revitalized. Read on for some more information about IPL and why it might be right for you!

How does IPL work?

“IPL” stands for “intense pulsed light.” A simple hand-held device is passed over the skin and pulses of light are sent into the deep layers of skin. It can target very specific problem areas to destroy skin damage. IPL can be used to treat:

• Spider veins

• Rosacea (redness in the cheeks)

• Uneven/unwanted pigment

• Age spots

• Sun damage

What is the procedure to get IPL?

You will be given eye shields to protect your eyes from the light, and a gel will be applied to the area where you will have the treatment. The handpiece is then moved across the skin to be treated – and that’s it! It typically only takes a few minutes, although more than one treatment will usually be needed. IPL can be used on the chest, hands, and face.

Most patients report there is no pain – at most there is a sensation on the skin much like a rubber-band snap. A cooling gel may be applied to the skin afterwards. After the treatment you’ll notice an immediate difference, and your skin will continue to improve over the next few weeks.

There are no bandages to wear after the procedure and no downtime. You may notice some redness and feel like you have a sunburn for a few days. You should avoid going out in the sun. There are also specific instructions you should follow in the weeks leading up to your procedure, such as avoiding the sun and tanning beds for about a month before – your doctor will go over all of the precautions you will need to take.

IPL is a very effective way to deal with skin blemishes. To discuss IPL and what it can do for you, contact Dr. Gary J. Price for a consultation. Call the office in New Haven or Fairfield County, CT, at (203) 453-6635 today!

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