What Are Ideal Breast Implants?

Plastic surgery technology has come a long way since its beginnings, and new and improved techniques and products are being discovered all the time. Ideal Breast Implants are the newest kind of implant, and they have many benefits over the older kinds of implants.

Here is some more information on these implants, their benefits, and why they are becoming more and more popular. 

Ideal Breast Implants are natural looking

Ideal Breast Implants look and feel natural. They have an internal structure that reduces wrinkling and collapse, which is often seen with other kinds of implants. The saline is held in two different chambers, which helps to contribute to the “real” look of the implants. Even the outside edges of the implant have been designed in such a way to make them look contoured and natural. 

Ideal Breast Implants are safe

The structure of these implants not only gives them a natural look and feel, but it also makes them very safe. They contain saline, which is safer than silicone gel, which makes up other kinds of implants. They have been shown to have a higher rupture strength and a lower rupture rate. 

In patients with silicone implants, an MRI is recommended every year, to check and make sure they haven’t ruptured. If a silicone gel implant does rupture, it can be very painful and must be removed surgically. However, with an Ideal Breast Implant, all that is needed is a look in the mirror to check that everything is all right and your implants are intact. If a rupture should occur with an Ideal Breast Implant, the saline is absorbed into the body harmlessly. 

Although there are many options for breast augmentation, Ideal Breast Implants have many benefits to consider. They are safe and natural looking, and patient satisfaction with this type of implant has been very high ever since they first started being used. If you have been considering implants, call Dr. Gary J. Price in New Haven and Fairfield County, CT, to discuss if Ideal Breast Implants may be right for you. Call (203) 453-6635 for a consultation today!

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