Summertime Nose Job: 3 Things to Avoid While In Recovery

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Guilford CTDepending on your work schedule and familial obligations, summertime may be the perfect time for you to get a rhinoplasty or nose job. By removing excess tissue and bone, Dr. Gary J. Price can restructure the shape of your nose to not only make you feel more confident but breathe better at night as well. As one of the most important steps of any surgery, the recovery process needs to be taken very seriously. And although you may want to spend your time recovery poolside with a pina colada in hand— think again. This article will discuss three things to avoid while you’re recovering from your nose job this summer. Read on to learn more


Swimming laps, jumping into the pool, or submerging your nose under water are all no-no’s in the world of nose job recovery. By placing an undue amount of pressure on your incision site, dunking your head underwater can cause further problems and increase your recovery time. ‘

Too Much Sun Exposure

Too much sun exposure isn’t good for anyone— especially while you’re recovering. Not only can a lot of sun time make you get a sunburn but it can also dehydrate you— which is a big problem when you are in recovery. Rather than lounging outside while you’re recovering, consider setting up camp on your couch and turning on a movie.

Drinking Alcohol

Yes, an cold margarita or pina colada may sound like the perfect summer treat to sip on while recovering but make sure it’s non-alcoholic. Alcohol is a blood-thinner which can not only prevent you from healing properly, but it can also interfere with some of the medications you are taking.

If you are planning on getting a nose job from Dr. Gary J. Price this summer, make sure to avoid the things listed above to ensure that you have a smooth and speedy recovery. If you would like to learn more about how you can have a better recovery, contact Gary J. Price’s office today!

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