Rhinoplasty – More Than A Cosmetic Change

Rhinoplasty in Connecticut | Dr. Gary PriceRhinoplasty – colloquially known as a nose job – is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in America today. When a person has a nose that is not to their liking visually, it tends to become the focal point of their face and it can become a negative fixation, affecting confidence and self-esteem. This is the motivation behind the majority of rhinoplasty procedures.

However, there is much more to reconstructive or corrective nose surgery than cosmetic changes alone. For hundreds of thousands of Americans, significant health benefits can be gained through rhinoplasty.

If, for example, you at times find it difficult to breathe, there’s a good chance this is caused by an abnormality in the nasal structures. Not only are blocked nasal passages an irritation, but they are also a common cause of snoring and sometimes more serious respiratory issues. Fortunately, correcting the problem is relatively easy and does not have to impact the appearance of the nose. Since the majority of the work being carried out is internal, it’s possible to undergo a corrective procedure without a single noticeable mark on the surface.

We love to hear from patients looking to improve their appearance, but we’re even more delighted to help those with a genuine health issue we may be able to correct. With such simple, accessible, and affordable procedures available, there’s really nothing to gain from suffering in silence – give us a call to arrange a consultation or with any questions you may have.

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