Repair of Torn Earlobes

Torn earlobes can have many causes — trauma to the ears, snagging of a piercing, or wearing heavy earrings. Torn earlobes can be easily repaired by Dr. Price with a simple surgical procedure that can be completed in 30 minutes in his Guilford office.

What causes earlobe tears?

The earlobes, popular for earrings and other accessories, consist of fatty tissue and soft skin. The relative fragility of the earlobe can lead to issues when ear ornaments are too heavy and tear or split the lobe. Trauma to this soft tissue also results in tears and serious cuts.

How can torn earlobes be treated?

There is a misconception that putting transparent tape over a torn earlobe will eventually lead to it healing back together. This is not true, and will often lead to infections instead. A more effective solution is to surgically repair the torn earlobe. Dr. Price performs this procedure in his office using only local anesthesia. There is little to no discomfort in the procedure.

How can I prepare for repair of torn earlobes?

Dr. Price advises his patients to avoid aspirin and other blood-thinning products prior to the procedure to minimize the risk for excessive bleeding. The patient should avoid wearing earrings a few days before the intended appointment to allow small abrasions in the earlobe to heal completely.

What can I expect during repair of torn earlobes?

During your surgery, the tear itself is removed after the area is completely numbed with anesthetic. Fine sutures are used to reconstruct the earlobe and minimize scarring. A small “butterfly” dressing is placed after the repair.

How will I take care of my repaired earlobe?

It is important that the wound is kept dry for a day after the procedure. After twenty-four hours however, patients may showwr and get the ears wet. Sutures are removed one week later, and scar care reviewed at that time. Dr. Price recommends waiting six weeks to repierce the ear, a procedure which can be done in our office.