Why You Should Put Your Waist Trainer in the Wastebasket

Body Procedures Guilford CTWith the whole minimalism trend circulating, it may have you assessing your belongings. And although there are some things that are worth holding onto like your wedding dress, old photographs, and some family heirlooms, there are other things that are worth throwing away— like that waist trainer. And even though celebrities from The Jersey Shore and other reality TV shows have raved about the great results they’ve received from their waist trainers, there are more things to be scared of than rejoiced when it comes to these bad boys.

They Don’t Work

First things first, if you think that by just wearing one of these modern-day corsets every day is going to give you slimmer waist, you’re going to be very disappointed. Not only don’t waist trainers work but they also can’t give you the hourglass shaped figure that they claim, unless you already have an hourglass figure. The best way to get a slimmer waist is with diet, exercise, and liposuction. Remember that your body needs to burn calories to lose weight, and wearing a waist trainer doesn’t burn calories.

They Restrict Oxygen Flow

If you have seen the first Pirates of the Caribbean, you remember the scene in which Elizabeth Swann falls off the wall because her corset is too tight. Although wearing a waist slimmer won’t necessarily land you a future with Orlando Bloom, they can restrict your oxygen flow which can cause a variety of issues including problems with your lymphatic system.

There are some things worth holding onto, and there are other things that are worth throwing away like clothes that are ripped, furniture that is broken, and your waist trainer. If you want real weight loss results, schedule your liposuction consultation with Dr. Gary J. Price at our New Haven office today (203) 453-6635.

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