Letters from Patients

These are just a few of the many letters Dr. Price has received from happy women and men who have visited him for plastic surgery near New Haven, CT.



After discussion, Doctor Price and I decided that I would be a good candidate for FX Laser treatment. I had the procedure done on a Thursday morning in December 2008. I was pleasantly surprised that there was little to no discomfort following the procedure. The day after the treatment, I embraced my bag of frozen peas and worked from home. By Monday I was back to work, wearing my mineral makeup. Several weeks after treatment I began to notice that my skin had a wonderful texture and appearance. It’s not a dramatic change, FX Laser treatment works gradually. People I haven’t seen in several months will comment on how good I look. Some people, who have the boldness, will remark, “You’ve had work done haven’t you? You look great!” I am very pleased with the results of my FX Laser treatment and when the time comes I will definitely repeat the procedure. Thanks to Dr. Price and his competent, compassionate staff the FX Laser treatment exceeded my expectations.

– Judi K