Parenting Tips: 3 Things to Know About Otoplasty Recovery

Ear Surgery | Otoplasty New Haven | Guilford CTParenting can feel like a giant guessing game. Just when you think you’ve finally got things under control, your child undergoes something new or unexpected, and you have to learn how to take care of them all over again. If your child is in need of an otoplasty, Dr. Gary J. Price and his staff of experts will ensure that they get the best treatment possible. However, it’s also important that you know how you can help them recover when you’re sent home from our office. To make sure you feel prepared, we have created a brief article. Read on to learn more.

Otoplasty Surgery Recovery

1. Keep Bandages In Place

When your child is sent home from the hospital, they will wear a thick bandage around their ears and head that resembles a large headband. For the first few days after surgery, they will need to keep the bandages in place so that the incisions aren’t exposed to any bacteria or germs and to help with swelling. After a few days, Dr. Gary J. Price will switch out the thick bandage for a lightweight one that they will also have to wear consistently.

2. Prop Their Head Up

If your child sleeps on their stomach or flat on their back, this may be a bit of an adjustment, but it’s an important one. As your child is resting or sleeping, make sure that their head is properly propped up with several pillows. Having their head elevated will help reduce their swelling.

3. Avoid Rough Play

For the first week after your child’s surgery, they should avoid any contact sports or rough play. If your child is particularly active, try to keep them occupied with other activities that don’t have the potential to harm their incision site. For instance, try to get some new board games that they can invite friends over to play with. The more your child sits still during recovery, the better.

Schedule a Consultation

Otoplasty or ear pinning surgery is a fairly common procedure that Dr. Gary J. Price offers patients. By using the tips listed above, you can help your child have a smoother recovery. To learn more, contact Dr. Gary J. Price today at (203) 453-6635!

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