Two Types Basics of Cheek Enhancement Surgeries

Cheek Augmentation Guilford CTWhen it comes to having a Kardashian-esque contoured look, it may take a little bit more work than just applying makeup. Here at Gary J. Price’s office, we offer a variety of surgical and non-invasive treatments to help patients get a more contoured physique including cheek enhancements. So, what are cheek enhancements and how are they done? Let’s take a closer look at two of the options we offer.

A Fat Transfer

Not all fat is bad— especially when it comes to your skin. Although you may want to get rid of the extra fat around your upper thighs or abdomen, having fat in your skin is what helps make you look younger, and it can also help define your cheekbones. During a fat transfer procedure, we will extract fat from a part of your body like your abdomen using a liposuction technique and then inject it into your face to help add more definition to your cheeks.


If a fat transfer isn’t something you’re interested in or if you’re looking for something different, then Dr. Gary J. Price may recommend dermal fillers. When they are injected into the correct parts of your face, fillers can help add more definition and contour to your cheeks— leaving you with the look you’ve been wanting.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Gary J. Price, he will go over both of these options and help you determine what cheek enhancement surgery is going to work best for you. Both of these options have their own unique benefits that may make one more appealing to you than another.

Schedule your consultation at our New Haven office today: (203) 453-6635.

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Body Lift Basics

Body Lift Surgery Guilford, CTIf you recently lost a lot of weight, congratulations! A successful weight loss journey is hard to achieve and knowing that you did all of the hard work to get there is worth celebrating. However, although the weight loss itself is an amazing accomplishment, many patients suffer from excess, hanging skin. If you have loose, baggy, or drooping skin across your body due to weight loss or other body changes, then you may be an ideal candidate for a body lift procedure from Dr. Gary J. Price.

What Is A Body Lift?

During a body lift surgery, Dr. Gary J. Price will make an incision along the abdomen to remove excess, sagging skin. At this time, liposuction can also be done to remove stubborn pockets of fat. In addition to the abdomen, the buttocks, hips, arms, and thighs can also be lifted during this same procedure.

Many body lift procedures can be performed with IV sedation without the need for hospitalization or general anesthesia. However, some patients may still require conventional anesthesia and a hospital stay. During your initial consultation, we should be able to determine what option is going to be better for you.

What Are the Benefits of a Body Lift?

We have seen so many patients finally achieve their weight loss goals only to still have bad self-esteem because of excess, sagging skin. The main benefit of getting a body lift after extreme weight loss is finally being confident in the skin you are in. Additionally, you will notice less chafing and more comfort overall.

What Is Recovery Like?

Directly after surgery, we will place bandages over the incisions, and small drainage tubes will be temporarily placed beneath the skin to drain excess blood and fluid. Additionally, Dr. Price will also send you home with detailed instructions on medications, how to treat the incision sites, how to care for drainage tubes, how to reduce infection, and when to return to our office for your follow-up appointment.

Are you interested in learning more about a body lift? Schedule a consultation appointment at our office today and call: (203) 453-6635.

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3 Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Tummy Tuck Guilford, CTWith bikini season quickly sneaking up on us, things are starting to get real. If you have loose skin around your abdomen that you just can’t seem to get to tighten up— no matter how many lotions and creams you try, then you may want to try a surgical procedure like a tummy tuck.

During a tummy tuck, Dr. Gary J. Price lifts and tightens the skin around the abdomen that has lost elasticity due to things either like extreme weight loss or pregnancy. As one of the most important parts of the process, a healthy recovery is critical to your surgical success. And although we will send you home with a detailed recovery pamphlet, let’s review three helpful tips.

Tip #1: Manage Your Expectations

One of the best things you can do when going into surgery and all the way through recover is to manage your expectations. Although you may want to get up and out of the house (or into a bikini) the first day following surgery, you should stay in bed and recover. If you have realistic expectations throughout the process, you will feel better about everything overall.

Tip #2: Rest Trumps Everything

The best thing you can do while you’re in recovery takes time out to rest. You should plan on taking about 1-2 weeks off of work to fully recover from surgery but during that time, make sure that you stay in bed and aren’t busy running errands or chasing kids around. Giving your body enough rest will help speed up your recovery and fight off infection.

Tip #3: Wear Your Compression Garment

If we send you home wearing a compression garment, don’t take it off as soon as you get home. Compression garments are designed to help ease swelling and make sure that your stitches stay in place. Make sure that you wear your compression garment for as long as Dr. Gary J. Price recommends.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time during your recovery process, don’t’ hesitate to give us a call. We are your number one resource throughout this entire process. Want to learn more about tummy tucks? Call us at (203) 453-6635 to schedule an appointment.

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3 Benefits of Getting Kybella

Double Chin Treatment Guilford, CTDouble chins can be caused by genetics, weight gain, and old age. If you have a double chin that is making your self-esteem plummet, then it may be time to consider getting a non-invasive procedure like Kybella done from our office.

Kybella is an injection that is made up of deoxycholic acid. Once it has been injected into the fat underneath the skin, Kybella works to break down and absorb the fat cells and prevent them from accumulating again— leaving you with only one chin.

If you still aren’t sure if Kybella is right for you, we’ve created an article listing three benefits of getting this non-invasive treatment done.

Benefit #1: A Slimmer Physique

If you have worked hard to have a slim figure, but you still have a double chin, Kybella can give you that added push to make you look slimmer all around. Plus, if you are a big selfie taker, you won’t have to worry about what angle you’re taking a picture at because all angles will look good!

Benefit #2: No Surgery

Although surgeries like facelifts and neck lifts can give patients great results, they do require a fairly extensive recovery time. With a non-invasive treatment like Kybella, you won’t have to worry about any recovery or downtime involved. In fact, because it takes less than 30 minutes on average, you can come into our office on your lunch break to get it done.

Benefit #3: Permanent Results

If a slimmer physique and no surgery aren’t enough of an incentive to make you want to get Kybella, then permanent results might be. Because Kybella works by destroying the fat cells under your chin, once they are eliminated, they won’t return.

Ready to take the step to learn more about Kybella? Schedule your consultation appointment at our Guilford office today at (203) 453-6635.

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Why You Should Put Your Waist Trainer in the Wastebasket

Body Procedures Guilford CTWith the whole minimalism trend circulating, it may have you assessing your belongings. And although there are some things that are worth holding onto like your wedding dress, old photographs, and some family heirlooms, there are other things that are worth throwing away— like that waist trainer. And even though celebrities from The Jersey Shore and other reality TV shows have raved about the great results they’ve received from their waist trainers, there are more things to be scared of than rejoiced when it comes to these bad boys.

They Don’t Work

First things first, if you think that by just wearing one of these modern-day corsets every day is going to give you slimmer waist, you’re going to be very disappointed. Not only don’t waist trainers work but they also can’t give you the hourglass shaped figure that they claim, unless you already have an hourglass figure. The best way to get a slimmer waist is with diet, exercise, and liposuction. Remember that your body needs to burn calories to lose weight, and wearing a waist trainer doesn’t burn calories.

They Restrict Oxygen Flow

If you have seen the first Pirates of the Caribbean, you remember the scene in which Elizabeth Swann falls off the wall because her corset is too tight. Although wearing a waist slimmer won’t necessarily land you a future with Orlando Bloom, they can restrict your oxygen flow which can cause a variety of issues including problems with your lymphatic system.

There are some things worth holding onto, and there are other things that are worth throwing away like clothes that are ripped, furniture that is broken, and your waist trainer. If you want real weight loss results, schedule your liposuction consultation with Dr. Gary J. Price at our New Haven office today (203) 453-6635.

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When to Consider Getting a Mini Facelift

Mini Facelift Guilford, CTWhen it comes to combating fine lines and wrinkles it can seem like you have two solutions: you can either go all in and get a surgical facelift, or you can do something temporary like getting facial fillers and Botox. However, Dr. Gary J. Price offers patients another option: a mini facelift or a celebrity facelift. So, what is this treatment and what are its benefits? Let’s take a closer look.

What’s a Mini Facelift?

Mini facelifts have gained popularity among our patients because they give them a more youthful complexion without the recovery time and process. During this surgical procedure, Dr. Gary J. Price will use a local anesthetic to numb the face. Once the face is numb, he will make a small incision at the hairline to help lift the skin into a more youthful position.

What Are Its Benefits?

There are several unique benefits of a mini facelift including that you won’t have to go under general anesthesia. Even though general anesthesia is effective in most surgical procedures, it can make a recovery longer and can even make some patients feel ill, but with a mini facelift, we get rid of the need for general anesthesia. Another unique benefit of this procedure is that there are no bandages necessary. With traditional facelifts, patients are typically sent home with their whole face bandaged up, but with this surgery, you won’t have to worry about resembling a mummy anytime soon.

If your fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of collagen in your skin have been getting you down, but you want more than Botox and less than a facelift, consider getting a mini facelift from our New Haven Office. Call (203) 453-6635 to schedule your consultation today!

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Face the Facts: 3 Myths About Facelifts

Facelifts Guilford, CTThere are few things you can do to combat sagging skin— especially around your face. Yes, you can lay upside do in hopes that gravity may make you feel better (but the head rush won’t do you any favors) or you can take a more realistic approach and get a surgical facelift from Dr. Gary J. Price.

If you have been researching facelifts online, it’s safe to say that you have more than likely run into a few articles from unlicensed sources filled with myths about this procedure. To help you feel more informed about this procedure, we have created a brief list debunking four common myths.

  1. Results Look Fake

As long as you are getting your facelift done by an experienced professional like Dr. Gary J. Price, your results from your facelift should look natural— making you look almost years younger in the process.

  1. All Surgeons Are Created Equal

In a perfect world, you would be able to go online and Google the most affordable surgeon in town and feel confident that they will give you great results. However, that’s unfortunately not the case. In fact, there are a lot of people who go to a surgeon that doesn’t have experienced and get results that make them wish they didn’t get the procedure to begin with.

Luckily, here at our office, you know that your face is in the best hands. With decades of experience and certification by The National Board of Medical Examiners, The American Board of Surgery, and The American Board of Plastic Surgery, you can feel confident about your surgical experience the entire time.

  1. Facelifts Are Only for Women

Although most people think that plastic surgery procedures are only for women, there is a surprisingly increasing amount of men who are opting to get these types of procedures as well. If you are a male who is losing elasticity in your skin, come into our office to get a consultation from Dr. Gary J. Price.

Are you ready to learn more about facelifts? Schedule your consultation at our Centennial office today: (888) 219-1156.

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Saline Vs Silicone Implants: Getting Back to Basics

Breast LiftLife is full of options. You get to choose what you have for lunch, where you want to work, and nowadays, you can choose what you want to look like with the help of doctors like Dr. Gary J. Price. One of the options in particular that Dr. Gary J Price prides himself on is the different breast implant options that we offer at our office. Whether you want firm, soft, round, or teardrop shaped implants, we have several options for you to choose from with the help of Dr. Gary J. Price and our staff.


Saline implants are available to suitable patients over the age of 18 and are popular because they are filled with an all-natural saltwater solution. Unlike silicone implants, one of the unique things about saline implants is that they are filled up with the saline solution during the surgery— not beforehand— which helps give Dr. Gary J. Price a little bit more flexibility in the surgical process itself.


Silicone implants are available to patients who are over the age of 22. Silicone implants are popular amongst patients because they give a more natural look and feel than saline implants. Another benefit of silicone implants is that if the implant gets a rupture in it, they won’t collapse which gives patients more time to have it fixed without having to deal with too much embarrassment.

Just like with all things, there are pros and cons to both saline and silicone implants. During your initial consultation, we will help you decide what size, shape, and texture of implant is best for you and your body. If you want to learn all about your breast implant options or to schedule your consultation, contact our Guilford office at (203) 453-6635.

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When to Take Your Weight Loss Results to the Next Level

Liposuction New Haven CTA new year means new resolutions that, let’s face it, more likely than not usually surround the idea of losing a few pounds before the beginning of the new year. However, for a lot of patients— especially those who are middle-aged and older— losing weight can be a lot more difficult. As we age, our metabolism not only slows down but our body starts to store fat more which makes losing weight a lot more difficult than it was in your twenties. If you want to lose all of the weight in 2018, Dr. Gary J. Price has the perfect solution. Let’s take a closer look.


Liposuction continues to be one of the most popular body sculpting surgeries because it gives patients the ability to get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat that feels impossible to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. During this surgery, Dr. Gary J. Price will physically scrape away fat cells from your body and suction them out— leaving you with a slimmer body almost instantly. Because liposuction continues to be one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures around, you know that patients see real results each and every time. And, the best thing about liposuction that as long as you maintain a strict diet and workout routine, then you should be able to keep your weight off!

Even though setting your alarm for 5 am workouts and replacing morning bagels with protein shakes, is something that every true weight loss addict should strive to do, losing all of the weight can sometimes feel impossible.

If you would like to learn more about liposuction and whether or not it’s the right surgery for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Gary J. Price at our Guilford office today!

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Give the Gift of Healthier Skin

Skin Care Facial Treatment Guilford, CT | New HavenIt’s easy to get online and head to a big retailer like and pick out a gift for your loved ones. However, if you are looking to give a gift that your best friend, mother, sister, or significant other will remember for years to come, consider giving them the gift of good skin with a treatment from Dr. Gary J. Price.

Chemical Peels

After just one chemical peel, your loved one will notice visibly smoother skin. And after a couple of chemical peels, they will notice a clearer more even looking complexion. Depending on your loved one’s skin concerns, a chemical peel can help treat a variety of different skin care concerns. These include: hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and even a loss of collagen production.


If your loved one is looking for a skin care treatment that will give them deeper results, then you may want to consider gifting them with our Parisian Peel Microdermabrasion. Compared to traditional microdermabrasion, our Parisian Peel Microdermabrasion is great for a variety of reasons. Some of which is that it’s virtually pain-free and that it’s less aggressive— meaning they won’t be as red or tender afterward.

Fillers and Botox

If you really want to get personal with your loved one, consider gifting them with fillers or Botox from Dr. Gary J. Price. By helping to alleviate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, both of these treatment options are popular amongst all age groups.

During your loved one’s initial consultation with our office, we will help determine what treatment option is suitable for them and their skin care needs.

Want to learn more about gift giving suggestions from Dr. Gary J. Price? Contact our Guilford office today. Call (203) 453-6635 speak with one of our staff members!

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