Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle to Rejuvenate Your Skin

skin rejuvenation - guilford ct - Dr. Gary Price MDOne of the best ways to maintain healthy skin is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are many things people do everyday, intentionally or otherwise, that affect the health of their skin. Drugs, alcohol and smoking, for example, are terrible for the skin. Unfortunately, the sun is another hazard for healthy skin when you spend too much time outside.

So what is a healthy lifestyle, you ask?

Do you have to be a vegan who never goes to the beach? Of course not! You never have to go to those extremes if you don’t want to. The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not overindulging.

We’ve heard that a glass a wine a day can be health for some people. The problem, again, is overindulging on wine, beer and liquor that can have a severe negative effect on your skin. It will become sallow, pale and thin, and be more prone to infections, cuts and bruises.

Smoking and drugs definitely damage the skin, as any doctor will tell you. You can also see the evidence of overuse on their skin, hair and teeth. Unfortunately, these activities can have an impact on your skin for years after habits are broken.

The best thing you can do for your skin is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, don’t overindulge, and stay out of direct sunlight. Maintaining healthy balance can work wonders for your skin.

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