Love You, Love Your Neck

Rhytidectomy | Guilford CTIf you are a woman or man of a certain age, you may be noticing things about your neck that don’t exactly thrill you. A saggy, “turkey neck” is nothing to laugh about, and although you are not alone in having to deal with this very common condition, you may want to consider a lower Rhytidectomy.

What exactly is a Lower Rhytidectomy?
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons defines a Lower Rhytidectomy as a neck lift – a common plastic surgical procedure that can improve the visible signs of aging in the neck and jaw areas – signs that may include loose skin, excess fat, and relaxed skin resulting in jowls.

You may be surprised to notice that your neck seems to be aging faster than your face. This may be the result of cumulative sun damage, genetics or even weight loss. Whatever the reason, the unpleasing results are similar. You may not feel ready for a full facelift, however, and may find, as many of our clients do, that a neck lift provides amazing visible results.

A Lower Rhytidectomy typically includes two procedures, both used to enhance the appearance of your neck:

  • Cervicoplasty removes your excess skin
  • Platysmaplasty removes or alters your neck muscles
  • Liposuction may also be included in your neck lift procedure to remove unwanted fat that’s often found under the chin. Botox injections may also be used to reduce the appearance of lines on you neck.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Price will discuss your goals and expectations with you. He will also ensure that you would be a good candidate for this procedure. It also is important to meet with Dr. Price so that he can best address your desires and concerns. The good news is, you can love your neck again.

A good place to start on your neck-loving journey, is by calling our office to schedule a consultation appointment: (203) 453-6635 or by visiting us.

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