Lift Up Your Life With a Surgical Lift

facelift | new haven ctUnless you are Benjamin Button and age backward, you will start to notice the skin around your face and neck will start to lose elasticity. And although dermal fillers and Botox can help temporarily rid you of fine lines and wrinkles, they aren’t permanent. If you are looking for a more permanent way to get tighter skin, consider getting a lift. With three prominent types of lifts to choose from, however, you may not know the difference between them. From facelifts to neck lift’s, this article will discuss three common surgical lift procedures that Dr. Gary J. Price performs. Read on to learn more.


When you initially hear of a surgical lift, a facelift is probably the surgery that you are most familiar with. Designed to treat sagging skin around the face and neck, a facelift is an outpatient procedure that involves surgically tightening the skin, and removing excess skin in the process.

Forehead Lift

As one of the first places on your face to show your actual age, your forehead can start to develop wrinkles even in your late teens or early twenties. A forehead lift is a surgical procedure designed to get rid of a sagging brow and fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. During a forehead lift, small incisions will be made, and your skin will physically be lifted and tightened.

Neck Lift

Because Botox and dermal fillers are a great way to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the face, some patients opt to get just a neck lift. A neck lift involves removing excess fat, skin, and tissue in the neck that is causing you to look more your age. During this procedure, small incisions will be made, and the skin will be smoothed out— giving you back your youthful appearance.

Aging is both beautiful and traumatic. If you have started to notice the toll that your age is having on your skin, consider getting a surgical lift from Dr. Gary J. Price. During your consultation, Dr. Price will go over your options and collectively you can decide what procedure is best for you. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!





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