Your Hands Can Silently Speak Volumes About Your Age

hand rejuvenation | Guilford CTWe have to hand it to you…you are careful about your facial skin-care routine – you wash, moisturize, exfoliate and use sunscreen. But other than a weekly manicure, you may be neglecting your hands – and they may be revealing your age. We offer many amazing procedures and treatments for your face and also for your hands.

We love to advise our clients on their skin care and regularly admonish them to care for their hands – because sometimes no matter what you do to look younger, your hands can and often do, give away your age. Continue reading to learn a few tips for caring for your hands:

  • Don’t skip on hand-cream, lotion or moisturizer. While your hands won’t reveal the obvious signs of aging until you’re in your 40s, using a good hand-cream early on will work to your advantage later.
  • Use sunscreen. If possible, choose a hand-cream or moisturizer with added sunscreen. Exposure to the sun’s UV and UVB rays is the main culprit when it comes to those aging sun spots, and the premature appearance of wrinkles, not only on your face but on your hands as well.
  • Always wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or when you have your hands in water. The chemicals in cleaning products can wreak havoc on your hands.
  • If your skin is sensitive, avoid harsh cleaning products which can contribute to making your hands dry and flaky.
  • Last but not least, we invite you to call our office to schedule an appointment for a hand rejuvenation procedure such as a chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing.

If you are noticing the obvious signs of aging on your hands, let us help you. Get your skin and hands ready for winter and those upcoming holiday celebrations. Call, today: (203) 453-6635.

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