The Growing Trend In Teenage Rhinoplasty

The teenage years can, at their best, be daunting. From prom dates to acne, fears and insecurities abound. To complicate matters, with adolescence comes facial changes. The sinuses grow, enlarging and changing the shape of the face and jaw. The nose also changes shape and grows…and may become just one more thing thing to be self-conscious about.

A “nose job,” or rhinoplasty, is the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedure done during the teenage years. The American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) indicates that the number of teenage clients receiving plastic surgery today is more than five times the number it was fifteen years ago.

teenage rhinoplasty in guilford ct | Dr. Gary Price It’s important to understand that like any cosmetic surgery, nasal surgery is a very personal decision. It is one of the most demanding of all cosmetic surgery procedures, especially for teens, and timing is critical. Operating on the nose before its growth has stabilized may result in unwanted nasal changes and disruption of facial growth.

Determining the appropriate age for rhinoplasty surgery is governed by many variables. Ideally, patients should have reached both emotional and physical maturity before proceeding with surgery. The optimum time is around the age of 16 for girls and after the age of 17 or 18 for boys. However, if there is a congenital defect or post-traumatic deformity that causes serious breathing problems, surgery may be done earlier.

For the most part, a rhinoplasty is irreversible and teens must understand the significance of their decision. The nose is located in the center of the face. Their appearance will be altered forever. However, the majority of patients who undergo rhinoplasty as teenagers report high levels of satisfaction.

If you are a teen or the parent of a teen who is considering rhinoplasty, it is important to clarify your goals and expectations and consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Price. He will evaluate your request, discuss the procedure with you, answer any questions you may have and determine if you would be a good rhinoplasty candidate.

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