Facial Implants

What are facial implants?

Facial implants are molded enhancements to the facial skeleton. They are available in many shapes and sizes to suit the needs of each unique patient, and most often made from silastic, a solid form of silicone. They can be custom made if necessary.

How is facial implant surgery performed?

Facial implants are placed on top of the facial bones to enhance facial contour. This usually done by Dr. Price as an outpatient surgery under a kind of anesthesia called “intravenous sedation” (similar to that used for colonoscopy). Most commonly done to improve the strength of the cheekbones, these implants are placed between the bone and the skin through incisions made inside the mouth, behind the cheek.

What are the alternatives to facial implants?

Facial implants offer a long lasting, one step option for facial enhancement. Other options include fat transfer, or several types of “deep” temporary fillers. Each one of these options is frequently performed. Dr. Price can help you decide which one of these choices best suits your needs.

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If you are interested in learning more about facial implants please contact our CT office today at 203-453-6635.



We are beginning to plan for reopening of the office! We have begun to plan for a tentative reopening date of May 18th! We will be scheduling appointments beginning today, 4/27/2020, for in-office visits for that date and onward. Just leave a message for Kathleen at the office number, (203) 453-6635, and she will return your call to schedule!


Telemedicine available…
For several weeks now, we have been using a “virtual office visit “alternative which will remain available. This enables anyone with a cell phone to share a video of themselves as needed with Dr. Price and allows him to perform a consultation without you ever leaving home! These consultations are scheduled just like office visits and can be made simply by leaving a message on the office system for Kathleen…. (no new apps or changes to your phone needed!)


While you were gone…
Dr. Price has been quite busy as president of the Physicians Foundation as that organization tries to help doctors cope with the crisis. In addition, he is participating in daily remote teaching conferences organized by the Yale Plastic Surgery program. These conferences originate at Yale and other academic centers around the country and are viewed by surgeons around the world. Dr. Price is a member of the Northeast seven-state task force developing guidelines for the reopening of Plastic Surgical Ambulatory Surgery Centers as the stay at home orders and ban on elective surgery are lifted. We are hoping that elective surgery might resume as early as late May. This date is not certain yet, but we will keep you advised here.


Please stay safe and well! We are looking forward to seeing you as it becomes safe enough for you to see us!



We have been asked to curtail any elective, non-urgent procedures or appointments for the following reasons.

1. To protect our patients.

2. To protect our staff.

3. To protect our community.

4. To avoid using precious supplies that might be needed to save the lives of others.

5. It’s the law!!!


Our entire staff is thinking of you during this difficult time. We appreciate your understanding and patience. We will resume in-person visits when reasonable and safe.


Stay tuned here for news and updates!!