Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Man or woman, adult or child, sometimes there’s a need for surgery that will correct the contour or the position of the ears. An ear surgery, or otoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that Dr. Price performs to repair or reconstruct prominent, badly-formed, or damaged ears.

Who needs ear surgery?

Otoplasty is for patients who are bothered with the shape or prominence of their ears. The ears can be reconstructed to make them more appealing to the patient. Ear surgery can also repair ears that were damaged by trauma.


Why is cosmetic otoplasty done?

Ear surgery is often done because the ears protrude or “stick out” further from the head than desired. Typically present at birth, the surgery is performed on children, as well as adults where correcting the ear shape may help the patient to be more comfortable with their appearance. Sometimes, surgery is also performed because of an abnormal shape, even though the ear does not really “stick out”.

When is ear reconstruction performed?

Dr. Price performs this procedure on patients of all age ranges. For some children, the procedure is best performed at ages five to seven. In others, the procedure is more appropriate at an older age. Patients well into their sixties have requested the procedure, and many young adults choose to correct ear problems in their twenties. In cases where major reconstruction is needed, the cartilage in the ear is collected and reformed into the normal shape of the ear and is then grafted into place. The ear is reshaped gradually over a number of follow-up procedures until the desired shape is achieved.

Can torn earlobes be repaired?

Our plastic surgery practice in New Haven also repairs torn earlobes. An earlobe can be torn due to trauma, snagging a piercing, or constant wearing of heavy earrings. This procedure is quick and simple, taking only around 30 minutes to complete under local anesthesia. Patients can return to their regular activities immediately after the procedure.

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