Connecticut Plastic Surgery Specialist Now Offering Vectra® 3D Imaging

 In an effort to help Connecticut plastic surgery patients preview their potential surgical results, Dr. Gary J. Price is offering Vectra® 3D Imaging.

Guilford, Connecticut (August 2011) – Dr. Gary J. Price is now offering Vectra® 3D Imaging to his Connecticut plastic surgery patients to help them envision their potential results before surgery. Dr. Price feels that the computer imaging technology can help patients feel more confident about their decision.

“One of the most challenging aspects of plastic surgery for patients is visualizing what their results will look like after surgery,” says Dr. Price, who is one of the first Guilford CT plastic surgeons to offer this innovative technology. “With Vectra 3D Imaging, patients can visualize their potential enhancements. For example, with breast augmentation, a woman can see how she might look with different sizes of implants.”

Vectra 3D Imaging works by using specially placed cameras to take pictures of the body or face in fine detail. The cameras then create a 3D image of the patient’s features and allow the surgeon to make adjustments to achieve the desired effect. The computerized results can be viewed from every angle, making it easy to show patients how plastic surgery might benefit their appearance.

“Allowing patients to preview their potential results in detail is one of the Vectra 3D’s most important features,” Dr. Price explains. “My patients can tell me what they like, and what they want to modify, such as the shape of their nose. For example, a patient might want a higher nasal tip. Or, in the case of breast augmentation, a woman might decide to choose a larger size. It helps me to achieve the results they want.”

In addition, the computer images allow patients to have realistic expectations about their appearance after surgery. For example, women who decide to have breast augmentation in Connecticut can play an active role in choosing the size and shape that they desire. “Computer imaging is rewarding for my patients, and I am very pleased with my decision to invest in this technology,” adds Dr. Price.

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