Channel Your Inner Celebrity with a Celebrity Facelift

Facelift | New HavenMinus the constant slew of paparazzi, it would be nice to be famous. You would have more money to do things you loved, you’d probably get to live in Beverly Hills, and you would get doted on like you wouldn’t believe. Although you might become a celebrity anytime soon, you might as well look like one with a “Celebrity Lift” from Dr. Gary J. Price. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary facial procedure.

What is a Celebrity Lift?
Also known as a mini facelift, a Celebrity Lift doesn’t require general anesthesia or bandaging. By making a long incision across the hairline, Dr. Gary J. Price will lift the skin in front of the ears to tighten it and alleviate you of fine lines and wrinkles.

What are the benefits?
With a traditional facelift, there is a lot of recovery time involved. However, as one of the biggest benefits of a mini facelift, you won’t have as quite of an extensive recovery length or process. As the greatest benefit of all, your skin will be lifted, tightened, and your fine lines and wrinkles you can kiss goodbye.

Who are good candidates?
If you have wrinkles and a bit of sagging down your jawlines, then you are going to be a good candidate for a mini facelift. If you have an excess amount of wrinkles and sagging around the neck, however, then you are going to want to consider getting a traditional facelift.

Getting a mini facelift can make you look and feel like a celebrity without the hassle of everyone knowing your business. If you would like to learn more about this procedure and more, contact Dr. Gary J. Price today to schedule an appointment!

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