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3 Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Tummy Tuck Guilford, CTWith bikini season quickly sneaking up on us, things are starting to get real. If you have loose skin around your abdomen that you just can’t seem to get to tighten up— no matter how many lotions and creams you try, then you may want to try a surgical procedure like a tummy tuck.

During a tummy tuck, Dr. Gary J. Price lifts and tightens the skin around the abdomen that has lost elasticity due to things either like extreme weight loss or pregnancy. As one of the most important parts of the process, a healthy recovery is critical to your surgical success. And although we will send you home with a detailed recovery pamphlet, let’s review three helpful tips.

Tip #1: Manage Your Expectations

One of the best things you can do when going into surgery and all the way through recover is to manage your expectations. Although you may want to get up and out of the house (or into a bikini) the first day following surgery, you should stay in bed and recover. If you have realistic expectations throughout the process, you will feel better about everything overall.

Tip #2: Rest Trumps Everything

The best thing you can do while you’re in recovery takes time out to rest. You should plan on taking about 1-2 weeks off of work to fully recover from surgery but during that time, make sure that you stay in bed and aren’t busy running errands or chasing kids around. Giving your body enough rest will help speed up your recovery and fight off infection.

Tip #3: Wear Your Compression Garment

If we send you home wearing a compression garment, don’t take it off as soon as you get home. Compression garments are designed to help ease swelling and make sure that your stitches stay in place. Make sure that you wear your compression garment for as long as Dr. Gary J. Price recommends.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time during your recovery process, don’t’ hesitate to give us a call. We are your number one resource throughout this entire process. Want to learn more about tummy tucks? Call us at (203) 453-6635 to schedule an appointment.

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Your Tummy Tuck and You

Tummy Tuck in Guilford CT & New HavenYou may be considering a tummy tuck because you have had a child or children and want to take care of the excess, loose tummy skin that remains.

Deciding to have a “tummy tuck” or abdominoplasty is a serious decision…one that you have undoubtedly read about, thought about or may have discussed with a relative or friend who has had one of her own.

If you are in good health and are physically fit, you may not have excess fat.

But not even that extra daily work out can improve the widening of your abdominal muscles or the loose, baggy skin that comes with childbirth.

Does being physically fit impact your surgery?

  • Being physically fit won’t necessarily shorten a normal recovery time, but the more healthy and fit you are the faster your recovery will be.
  • Your body may not actually heal faster than those of a patient who is sedentary and overweight, but you will more likely be back to your normal activities sooner.
  • Your physical fitness, emotional stability, positive attitude and having a good support system are all factors that can aid in your recovery from surgery. But be cautious about getting back to ‘working’ those abdominal muscles too soon.
  • The healthier you are definitely makes you a ‘better’ surgical candidate.This is especially true for reducing any potential risks of anesthesia and surgery. Additionally, if you are in good cardiovascular shape and close to your ideal body weight, you should recover from your surgery very well.
  • Patients who aren’t fit might experience potential side effects or complications that may prolong recovery time.
  • You should never exceed your doctor’s guidance in an effort to speed recovery. Your body will heal the way it will heal…and you shouldn’t push harder to make your healing go faster.

Listen to and believe in your unique body – it will tell you when you are pushing yourself too hard following surgery.

Dr. Price loves highly motivated patients who keep themselves in good physical condition.

Call us at (203) 453-6635 for a consultation, today!

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