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Beautiful Lashes, Beautiful Eyes, With Latisse!

Woman eye with long eyelashes. Space for text.Eyelashes are tiny things, but they sure can make a difference. If someone has lush, beautiful, long lashes, people notice. But what if your lashes could do with some improvement – or what if they are falling out altogether? You have a few options, from adjusting your diet and beauty routine to beginning Latisse treatments! 

Why am I losing eyelashes?

Most people lose at least a few eyelashes every day, which is completely normal. Some people may have a medical condition that results in excessive eyelash loss, such as an eyelid inflammation, scleroderma, or hyper- or hypothyroidism. Chemotherapy can also cause eyelash loss. 

There are other reasons you may be losing eyelashes, though. If you wear mascara and notice a lot of eyelashes falling out, you may be allergic to that brand or to mascara altogether. Also, make sure you gently take off mascara before bed, because it can make eyelashes brittle and break easily. If you use an eyelash curler, use it carefully so that it doesn’t pull out eyelashes, and when you remove makeup you should also do so carefully. 

Is there a way to make eyelashes grow?

You can try a multivitamin or a vitamin that is specifically meant to promote the health of hair, skin, and nails. Iron, vitamins A and C, and niacin are good for hair and eyelashes. 

You can also start indulging in certain foods – those high in biotin and protein promote the body’s production of keratin, which is good for eyelash health. Biotin can be found in kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and in whole grains. 

Latisse is also another great option. It is an FDA-approved serum that darkens and lengthens lashes. With Latisse, you’ll start to see longer, fuller eyelashes within about 4 months. And, it is easy to use – all you have to do is apply it to the upper lashes before bed. 

Long, beautiful lashes can be yours! If vitamins and diet aren’t getting you the results you want, contact the offices of Dr. Gary J. Price in New Haven or Fairfield County, CT, for a Latisse consultation. Call (203) 453-6635 today!

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An alternative to mascara and eyelash extensions

Long, beautiful eyelashes are all the rage right now, but some women are deterred from false eyelashes because of the cost and continual upkeep. Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment to help lengthen, thicken and darken your very own eyelashes for a more natural look. Read on for more information about this popular eyelash growth treatment.

Latisse has a unique story with how it was discovered. Patients using a medicated eye drop to treat elevated intraocular pressure in their eyes began to grow longer, fuller and darker lashes as a side effect. The medication’s active ingredient, bimatoprost, was then studied and developed into what we now know as Latisse eyelash growth treatment.

Latisse is a once-nightly topical treatment for people with inadequate or not enough lashes. Starting with a clean face, patients place one drop of solution on a disposable applicator and brush the applicator along the base of the upper eyelashes only, blotting away any excess with a tissue.

Latisse is believed to work by affecting the growth phase of eyelashes by increasing the length of this phase and increasing the number of hairs in the growth phase. Patients start to see some growth in as little as four weeks, with full growth in 16 weeks.

For optimal results, patients must consistently apply the daily treatment. Once you stop Latisse treatment, your lashes will return to their original state before treatment over the next several weeks and months.

You can use Latisse if you wear contacts, but you will want to remove your contact lenses before applying the solution. Wait at least 15 minutes before reinserting your contact lenses.

Latisse is available by prescription only. If you’re interested in learning more about this popular eyelash treatment and you live in the New Haven area, call (203) 453-6635 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Price.

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Ditch Your Lash Extensions and Try Latisse

Lash Extensions | Gary J. Price M.D.Big lashes are all the rage right now in the beauty industry, and we are no stranger to seeing all the new trends. But what if we told you that you could get similar looking results naturally with Latisse? Latisse is a prescription strength treatment that helps to strenthen, add volume, and lenghten your eyelashes over a few months. So, why should you trust us and ditch your extensions for this Latisse?

It looks more natural

Your eyelashes are going to look a lot more natural with Latisse because, well, they are natural. Rather than looking like some spiders took over your lashline, Latisse will give you that naturally defined look that you’ve been wanting.

You won’t have to wear liner or mascara

If you love your lash extensions because you can wake up every morning without putting on mascara or eyeliner, then you will love Latisse. After several months of using Latisse, you will notice that your lashes are so thick and full that it looks like you are wearing makeup.

You won’t have to get them filled

How often do you have to get your lashes filled? With Latisse, you don’t have to worry about scheduling appointments and taking time out of your day to get your lashes done. Instead, all you have to do is apply it to your lashline once a day, and you are good to go.

It strengthens lashes

One of the things that a lot of patients complain about when it comes to lash extensions is that they weaken their natural lashes. Lash extensions (especially the strips), can weigh your lashes down and make them too heavy, but Latisse actually strengthens your lashes so that they are stronger.

It’s more affordable

Although the cost of Latisse is a little bit expensive at first, it will save you money in the long run. Think of all of the money that you spend every few weeks having to get your lashes filled and then think about what you can do with that money now that you’re using Latisse!

To get your prescription for Latisse, come into our Guilford office today and call us at (203) 453-6635.

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Keep Your Lashes As Healthy As Possible While Using Latisse

LATISSE Eyelash Enhancement | New Haven CTLatisse is a prescription topical medication used to help patients grow longer, fuller eyelashes. As one of the products that Dr. Gary J. Price encourages patients who desire eyes that pop and stand out from the crowd, Latisse is a non-surgical solution that will deliver you with great results. However, it’s important that you make sure that you are doing everything possible to keep your eyes and lashes healthy while using latisse. Read on to learn more.

Remove Makeup (Including Eye Makeup)
Before you start applying Latisse, make sure that you are applying it to a clean face and clean eyes. If you are applying it at night, use makeup remover in order to fully get off any mascara or eyeliner from the day. If you are applying it in the morning, wash your face with a little bit of face wash to remove any dirt or oil that may have built up on your face while you were sleeping. By applying Latisse to a clean face, it will adhere better and give you results that last.

Don’t Contaminate It
You may not realize it, but it’s really simple for your Latisse applicator and brush to become instantly contaminated. Contamination of these products could result in you developing an eye infection and from the Latisse working as effectively as possible. In order to make sure they don’t get contaminated, don’t touch the applicator to anything— including your fingers. Additionally, don’t set the applicator down on the countertop in between treatments because it could build harmful bacteria.

Use Only the Given Applicator(s)
You may think that if you lose or misplace your Latisse applicator that you can simply use a clean Z-tip in order to apply it. However, the Latisse applicators are designed to target every eyelash and deliver you with the best results possible, whereas a Q-tip will just get all over the place.

If you are planning on using Latisse or if you have been using Latisse for a while and aren’t familiar with the above information, make sure that you follow the tips above. To learn more about Latisse or to schedule an appointment to learn more, contact Dr. Gary J. Price’s office today!

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You Will Love Latisse™ Lashes

LATISSE Eyelash Enhancement dr. gary price guilford ctTimes have changed. A lot. Along with time, what you use to beautify your eyes and face has also changed. Remember back “in the day” – or maybe just yesterday – whey you wanted long, lush lashes for a special occasion or photo shoot and you tried those furry fake lashes with their miniature tubes of glue? And, if you were lucky enough to actually get them to stick, later found one of them had plopped onto your cheek? Not good.

Dr. Price offers the perfect solution to add length, thickness, strength and fullness to your upper lashes – noticeably transforming your face and eyes and intensifying your expression with naturally beautiful, plentiful eyelashes. It’s called Latisse™.

You probably don’t know this, but your lashes have a short growth phase of about 30 to 45 days, with a life span of three to four months before they drop out and a new lash cycle commences. Here’s how Latisse™ can help:

  • Latisse™ is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for lashes.
  • Using Latisse™ will strengthen your lashes by preventing lash loss and breakage, and will protect your lashes from the effects of the environment. Your lashes will become thicker, darker and fuller.
  • Latisse™ is a prescription for a type of hypotrichosis (permanent loss or reduction of lashes) and is designed to help your natural eyelashes grow longer, fuller and darker.
  • Latisse™ also helps prevent breakage and increases flexibility.
  • The results of Latisse™ lash treatment are gradual.
  • In clinical trials, the majority of Latisse™ patients saw significant improvement after only two months. And after four months, 78% of patients noted improvement.
  • The Latisse™ serum is applied sparingly, like eyeliner, on the upper eyelids at the base of the lashes once a day, at bedtime. A tiny amount should be used, slightly touching the root area. It should not be applied to the lower lid area.
  • Remember to avoid getting Latisse™ in your eyes, and be sure to tell us if you have a history of eye pressure problems, such as glaucoma.

No more fake lashes and tiny tubes of glue! Call, today, to schedule a Latisse™  consultation appointment: (203) 453-6635.

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