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Laser and Light: Are They the Same?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Guilford, CTWanting beautiful skin and knowing how to get it are two entirely different things. You may want that million dollars home with the Porsche in the driveway, but the chances are that you don’t know how to get it— in this lifetime anyway.

Similarly, you may know that you should wash your face and wear sunscreen if you want a clear complexion. But if you want movie star worthy skin, you may want to consider getting either light or laser. As two popular procedures, light and laser often get mistaken for each other, but they’re different.


You know that you can go in your house and turn on the lights, and you also know that light is emitted from the sun, but did you know that light can also tighten skin, get rid of hyperpigmentation, and lighten scarring?

There are different sources of light; some that are harmful to the skin and others that are a bit more therapeutic. The goal of light triggered devices like Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is to direct small pulses of light energy into specific targets into the skin such as melanin, blood, water, or even acne bacteria. By emitting these small pulses of light, the skin is heated up which helps to give you a smoother, tighter, and more even looking complexion.


You may have dreamed of holding a laser beam like Darth Vader when you were a kid, but the lasers used to treat your skin are a little different. If you remember Vader’s lightsaber, however, you remember it as one continuous beam. Similarly, laser technology for your skin also emits one single ray of light to penetrate deep into the skin. Because laser technology is precise, it helps Dr. Gary J. Price target specific areas of the skin.

Schedule your consultation at our Guilford office to learn more about whether light or laser is better for your skin’s specific needs.

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Telemedicine available…
For several weeks now, we have been using a “virtual office visit “alternative which will remain available. This enables anyone with a cell phone to share a video of themselves as needed with Dr. Price and allows him to perform a consultation without you ever leaving home! These consultations are scheduled just like office visits and can be made simply by leaving a message on the office system for Kathleen…. (no new apps or changes to your phone needed!)


While you were gone…
Dr. Price has been quite busy as president of the Physicians Foundation as that organization tries to help doctors cope with the crisis. In addition, he is participating in daily remote teaching conferences organized by the Yale Plastic Surgery program. These conferences originate at Yale and other academic centers around the country and are viewed by surgeons around the world. Dr. Price is a member of the Northeast seven-state task force developing guidelines for the reopening of Plastic Surgical Ambulatory Surgery Centers as the stay at home orders and ban on elective surgery are lifted. We are hoping that elective surgery might resume as early as late May. This date is not certain yet, but we will keep you advised here.


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We have been asked to curtail any elective, non-urgent procedures or appointments for the following reasons.

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