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What is Sculptra?

Are you looking for a nonsurgical, quick way to refresh the skin, make it look younger, and bring back some of the volume that you had when you were younger? Have you tried expensive face creams and serums with little to no result? As we age the face can lose volume and the skin can start to look old, but we don’t have to live with this if we don’t want to. Sculptra is an injectable that may be the answer for you! 

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an injectable filler made from poly-L-lactic acid, a material that can restore volume where you want a bit of plumpness in the face. It also helps to improve the structure of the skin by getting deep inside of it and restoring the collagen matrix back to its younger state. This means long-term benefits, because as new skin grows it looks younger, smoother, and softer. 

It is safe, FDA approved, and does not require allergy testing. Unlike other fillers, which may have effects that only last for a few months, the effects of Sculptra can last 2 years or more. 

What is Sculptra used for?

As we age, we all lose some volume in the facial skin, and sun and age can damage the skin down into the deep layers. Sculptra restores some of that volume and helps to fix damaged skin. It can be used in the cheeks, jowls, and temples. It can also help to soften deep folds on the face. 

You’ll start to see the effects of Sculptra within about 6 weeks. Immediately after the injection you may have some swelling and bruising for a few days. 

Sculptra can be used with other nonsurgical treatments, such as laser treatments, to give you the exact facial contours and the youthful and rejuvenated skin that you want. If you are interested in a nonsurgical way to restore volume and youth to the skin on your face, contact the offices of Dr. Gary J. Price today for a Sculptra consultation. Call the office in New Haven or Fairfield County, CT, at (203) 453-6635!

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Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles with no downtime

Cosmetic injectables are the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatment, helping patients smooth out lines and wrinkles and enhance the results of surgical procedures such as a facelift or eyelid surgery. There are so many injectables to choose from, so how do you know which one is best for you? Read on to learn more about how Botox and dermal fillers can help you achieve the more youthful appearance you desire.


There are two types of wrinkles: Dynamic and static wrinkles. Botox works on dynamic wrinkles, which form on the skin above a contracting muscle such as when you frown or smile or laugh. Made of botulinum toxin type A, Botox is injected under the skin to temporarily and safely paralyze muscles to prevent them from contracting to form the wrinkle in the skin. The most common areas of treatment are the frown lines (known as the “11” lines) between the eyebrows, forehead lines and crow’s feet.

Botox treatment takes minutes and is virtually pain free. You’ll see full results in about 3-5 days. Results last about four months, at which time you’ll return for treatment to maintain results.

Dermal fillers

Botox treats dynamic wrinkles, but isn’t effective on the other type: static wrinkles. Static wrinkles are always present and are the result of the natural aging process and skin damage caused by other factors such as genetics, sun damage and lifestyle. Dermal fillers are designed to diminish fine lines and improve volume in various areas of the face. Juvederm is a popular dermal filler that is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body. It binds with water molecules, adding volume, softness and radiance to the skin. Results are immediate and will last several months to over a year depending on the type of filler used.

Botox and dermal fillers can turn back time in a matter of minutes with little to no downtime. If you’re interested in a consultation to discuss what treatments would be best to tackle your concerns, call (203) 453-6635 to set up a consultation.

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5 Ways You Can Leave Aging In the Past

Anti Aging Treatment Guilford, CTThese days, the last thing anybody wants to look is there age. When you’re 15, you want to look 21. And when you’re 30, you want to look 20. If you have started to notice some signs of aging on your skin like sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of elasticity, then you may wondering how on earth you will combat them. Luckily, here at Dr. Gary J. Price’s office, we have several ways that you can leave your signs of aging in the past. Let’s take a closer look at 5 of those non-invasive anti-aging treatments.

  1. Botox

One of the most popular non-invasive treatments that we offer patients here at our office is Botox Cosmetic. Botox Cosmetic is an injectable that’s used to temporarily soften fine lines and wrinkles across the forehead and around the eyes; leaving you with a more youthful looking appearance.

  1. Fillers

Fillers are another injectable that are used to treat fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily filling them in. Unlike Botox that’s used to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, fillers are used to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and across the cheeks.

  1. Intense Pulsed Light

Intense pulse light or IPL is used to target the top few layers of the skin and encourage new cell growth. Typically, IPL is used to treat anti aging concerns like a change in texture and sun spots.

  1. Skin Care

Amongst getting skin care treatments done at our office, we also encourage patients to invest in our skin care products that are designed to help patients fight off signs of aging.

  1. Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser skin rejuvenation works in a similar way to IPL but it is a lot stronger and works to target deeper layers of the epidermis.Once those layers are targeted, laser skin rejuvenation works to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Depending on your skin and the results that you want, Dr. Price will help determine what anti-aging treatment is best for you. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us at our office and call us today at (203) 453-6635.

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Your Hands Can Silently Speak Volumes About Your Age

hand rejuvenation | Guilford CTWe have to hand it to you…you are careful about your facial skin-care routine – you wash, moisturize, exfoliate and use sunscreen. But other than a weekly manicure, you may be neglecting your hands – and they may be revealing your age. We offer many amazing procedures and treatments for your face and also for your hands.

We love to advise our clients on their skin care and regularly admonish them to care for their hands – because sometimes no matter what you do to look younger, your hands can and often do, give away your age. Continue reading to learn a few tips for caring for your hands:

  • Don’t skip on hand-cream, lotion or moisturizer. While your hands won’t reveal the obvious signs of aging until you’re in your 40s, using a good hand-cream early on will work to your advantage later.
  • Use sunscreen. If possible, choose a hand-cream or moisturizer with added sunscreen. Exposure to the sun’s UV and UVB rays is the main culprit when it comes to those aging sun spots, and the premature appearance of wrinkles, not only on your face but on your hands as well.
  • Always wear rubber gloves when washing dishes or when you have your hands in water. The chemicals in cleaning products can wreak havoc on your hands.
  • If your skin is sensitive, avoid harsh cleaning products which can contribute to making your hands dry and flaky.
  • Last but not least, we invite you to call our office to schedule an appointment for a hand rejuvenation procedure such as a chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing.

If you are noticing the obvious signs of aging on your hands, let us help you. Get your skin and hands ready for winter and those upcoming holiday celebrations. Call, today: (203) 453-6635.

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Anti-Aging For Men…An Interesting and Relevant Topic

anti aging treatment men fairfield county ctOne of the reasons the anti-aging industry is a multi-billion dollar business is that nobody likes the idea of aging. The baby-boomers are living longer and are healthier than their parents were. They are committed to living healthy and living long. Men are as interested was women in looking youthful, and a growing number of them are opting for cosmetic surgery, visiting hair salons, and requesting injectable treatments. So, Guilford men, would you like a few suggestions to jump-start your skin-care routine? If so, read on.

Begin with these three basics.
1.Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and then pat on a moisturizer. Nothing exaggerates the signs of aging like dry, flaky skin.
2.Drink six to eight cups of water a day. Plain, simple water will help give your skin a more youthful appearance, from the inside out.
3.Always wear sunscreen. Exposure to the sun’s damaging rays is cumulative and is the number one cause of wrinkles and age spots.

Live healthy these four ways.
1.Daily exercise will help you maintain body tone, balance and flexibility – important considerations as you age. Aerobic exercise is good for your heart and also for your brain. Men who are fit look and feel younger than those who are flabby.
2.Eating a healthy diet, which includes fish, chicken, fruits, and vegetables with a moderate amount of carbs, will keep you healthy, young and fit.
3.A good night’s sleep is important for how you look and feel. Most adults need seven to nine hours every night. A lack of sleep can result in bags under your eyes that make you appear older. By the way, short naps are wonderful.
4.Smoking creates lines and wrinkles around your mouth and eyes. It also stains your teeth, dulls your skin and can cause serious health problems that can rapidly age you. Stop if you can.

Dr. Price offers a variety of incredible anti-aging treatment options for men. Call to schedule an appointment, today, because those holiday parties are just around the corner: (203) 453-6635.

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Now Is The Perfect Time To Try Botox®

The perfect time to try Botox Guilford CTThe clock is ticking and time flies. Everybody ages. Fortunately, there is a perfect way to diminish the appearance of the fine facial lines and wrinkles associated with the passage of time. It’s the most popular aesthetic, cosmetic treatment in the world…Botox®.

What is it? Botox® is a purified form of botulinum toxin A, which means there’s no botulism risk when used properly.

How does it work? Botox® blocks the nerves that contract the facial muscles, softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Botox® is most effective on wrinkles that haven’t quite set, called dynamic wrinkles that appear while you’re moving the muscles of your face, such as when you smile and frown.

  • Botox® is a fast, easy, non-surgical and minimally invasive solution for wrinkles in the forehead and around the mouth.
  • Botox® lifts your brow making your face look less tired, giving you a more youthful appearance.
  • Botox® decreases excessive This is a benefit many people may not be aware of. For some people, excess sweating under the arms is an embarrassing problem that must be dealt with on a day to day basis. A simple Botox® treatment can lessen the amount of sweat produced.

Want to give Botox® a try?

  • Remember that “less is more.” Ask for a natural, expressive look.
  • If you take aspirin or ibuprofen, be sure to tell us before you schedule a treatment. These medications thin the blood and increase bleeding. Some natural suppléments, such as fish oil, gingko, or vitamin E, also thin the blood. Your doctor may ask you not to use those supplements for two weeks before your treatment.
  • Parties are fun, but they are not a time to try Botox®. These injections should only be done by a doctor who is board-certified in dermatology or plastic surgery.
  • If you’re breastfeeding, pregnant, or plan to become pregnant, the FDA recommends that you wait before starting Botox® treatments.

If you are curious and would like to learn more, call for a Botox® consultation appointment with Dr. Price: (203) 453-6635.

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“Spring” Into Spring With An IPL Revitalization Treatment

Your mother may have cautioned that you should never give away your age. That’s good advice and with today’s amazing anti-aging aesthetic treatments, you don’t have to.

The effects of the environment, especially the sun, your genetics and time itself may have left you with age-revealing spots. These spots are usually harmless but they can definitely give away your age. Age spots typically appear on skin that has had the most cumulative sun exposure over the years – the backs of your hands, your shoulders, neck and face.

IPL Revitalization TreatmentDr. Price has the perfect solution for these age-revealing spots. It’s a non-invasive, breakthrough treatment called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or PhotoRejuvenation therapy. He uses the the Icon™ optimized pulsed light system which, unlike lasers, uses many wavelengths of light with special filters that deliver the best wavelengths to treat your specific aesthetic conditions. IPL is effective on age spots, freckles, birthmarks and spider veins and it rejuvenates your facial skin.

An IPL treatment works by emitting many wavelengths of light that are absorbed by brown spots, veins, and red spots. The area to be treated is prepared with a cool gel. Then a hand-piece is used to gently pulse an intense light over the area, penetrating the skin and destroying the melanin-producing cells. The generated heat impairs the vessels or lesions without damaging the skin’s surface. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes.

  • Immediately after the treatment, you may feel a mild sunburn-like sensation around the treatment site. Your skin will be cleaned and sunscreen applied. Sunscreen of at least SPF45 or greater must be worn for at least a month following the treatment.
  • Healing begins immediately. The spots may darken before they flake off or are absorbed by the body.
  • Discomfort is minimal and most of our patients are able to resume their normal activities immediately.

It’s spring! Now is the perfect time for an IPL treatment. Call, today, to schedule an appointment: (203) 453-6635.

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