How to Dive Into 2019 With Better Skin

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Having good skin isn’t something that necessarily comes naturally to a lot of people. If you want to have healthier skin throughout 2019, then we have a few tips for you. Whether it’s getting a procedure done or just investing in some skin care products, we have created a few tips for you to follow.

Start Botox

Botox is one of the most popular non-invasive treatments that we offer patients because it works by actually softening your muscles around your eyes and across your forehead. When the muscles have been softened it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to softening fine lines and wrinkles, Botox can also be used preventatively. How? You get wrinkles when your face makes certain movements on a regular basis. When, however, your face is unable to make these movements then you are less likely to get wrinkles. One thing to remember about Botox though is that in order for it to work preventatively it needs to be done on a regular basis.

Start Fillers

Fillers work differently than Botox because they actually fill in fine lines and wrinkles while also adding volume to your cheeks and face. If you struggle with having uneven skin texture because of fine lines or if you feel like you have lost a lot of elasticity, then it may be time to start dermal fillers. During your initial consultation with Dr. price, he will go over which fillers he thinks will give you the best results.


From skin tone to texture, laser skin rejuvenation can treat a variety of different issues. If you want to really change your skin quality in 2019, then laser may be the ultimate way to do that.


Botox, fillers, and laser are just a few ways that you can get better-looking skin in 2019. If you want to learn a little bit more, contact our Guilford office and call us at (203) 453-6635.

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How to Tell If You’re a Good Candidate for a Body Lift

Body Lift Guilford, CTLosing a lot of weight can make you feel like you won the lottery but noticing all of the excess skin that you have can make you feel like you’re in somebody else’s body. Rather than hiding your newly slim figure because of all of the skin that you have, why not embrace your new body and get a body lift procedure from Dr. Gary J. Price?

During this surgical procedure, Dr. Price will remove excess skin and then tighten your remaining skin so that it is more taut. But how can you tell if you are a good candidate for this type of procedure?

In order for us to determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for this surgery, you will have to come into our office of ra consultation. During your initial consultation, we will go over this surgery and Dr. Price will determine whether or not you’re a good candidate based on:

  • Sagging skin in one or more areas of the body
  • Your overall health and whether or not you have medical conditions that can impair healing or increase the risks involved with the procedure
  • The outcome you want from surgery and whether or not your goals are realistic
  • Non-smokers
  • The desire to lead a healthy lifestyle after surgery
  • You have already lost the majority of your weight

If you are sick of feeling self-conscious about your body because of your excess skin, then it may be time to consider a surgical procedure like a body lift. To learn more about this procedure, contact our Guilford office at (203) 453-6635.

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How to Give Santa The Perfect Kiss Underneath the Mistletoe This year

Lip Injections Guilford, CTChristmas time is all about gift giving and spending time with those you love most. With all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, don’t forget about giving Santa something that he won’t forget; a kiss.  If you want to be caught kissing Santa underneath the mistletoe this year, then Dr. Price has a few tips for you. Before you pucker up and lean in for that kiss, you need to do your lips a little lip service with these tips.

Lip Fillers

If you really want to lay a good one on Santa, then make sure that your lips are as voluminous as ever. With lip fillers from Dr. Price, he can help give you fuller lips almost instantly. Depending on the size of lips that you want and the results that you are going for, Dr. Price will determine what type of filler will give you the best results.

Lip Scrub

Dead skin is really prominent during the winter months—especially on your lips. To help you get rid of dry, chapped skin on your lips, try using an all-natural lip scrub. Lip scrubs are great because they work to get rid of dry skin without being too abrasive.


Even though matte lipsticks are really popular in the cosmetic industry right now, they will only dry your lips out. Before you lean in and kiss Santa, make sure that you use a lip balm or lip gloss that’s more hydrating. Lip balms that contain ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil will add that extra layer of hydration to your lips; leaving them softer and more kissable in the process.

Are you ready to get sexier lips? If so, schedule a consultation with Dr. Price at our Guilford office and contact us today at (203) 453-6635.

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How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain After Liposuction

Liposuction Guilford CTOne of the most frustrating things that people go through when they’re trying to lose weight is not being able to get rid of stubborn areas of fat around their abdomen, buttocks, or upper thighs. This reason alone is why liposuction still remains one of the most popular surgical procedures out there. By surgically removing excess fat from the body, liposuction can help you really get that body that you’ve been working so hard for.

To make sure that you continue to maintain your liposuction results, Dr. Gary J. Price encourages patients to continue to eat healthily and get regular exercise, but with the holidays around the corner, that may sound like a bit of a long shot. To help you stay on track during the holiday season, Dr. Price has created a list a few easy things you can do that will go a long way.

Stay Active

It can be hard to stay active when it’s cold outside, but there are some other indoor workouts that you can do. If you haven’t already, consider joining your local gym and taking some workout classes. When you are paying money to work out, you are more likely to use your membership and hit the gym on a regular basis. If you know that you are going to be attending more holiday parties one week, then try to go to more workout classes so that you burn extra calories.

Watch the Sweets

Pumpkin pie, holiday cookies, donuts, cakes, and baked treats are lurking behind virtually every corner and breakroom during the holidays. Even though all of these treats may be really tempting to indulge in, try to stay clear of them altogether. As a tip, bring some raw vegetables or fruit with you when you go to parties; that way you have something to munch on.

Skip the Alcohol

Cocktails are full of extra sugar and calories which are only going to add to your waistline. Rather than drinking your calories this holiday season, try to skip the alcohol and just stick with water. Water is not only calorie-free, but it’s also one of the best things you can drink for your health and your weight.

Maintaining your liposuction results after surgery doesn’t have to be difficult. Make sure that you use the tips listed in this article. To learn more about liposuction recovery, contact our Guilford office today and call (203) 453-6635.

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How to Get Your Breasts Done and Still Have Time To Enjoy Thanksgiving Too

Breast Augmentation Guilford CTYou know the old saying, “You can have your cake and eat it too”? Well, here at Dr. Gary J. Price’s office we believe that adage to be true. If you have been wanting to get breast implants done before the holidays but aren’t sure if you will be healed fast enough in time for Thanksgiving, then this article is for you. Let’s take a closer look at some ways that this may be a possibility.

Schedule Your Consultation

The ultimate way for Dr. Price to determine whether or not a breast augmentation before Thanksgiving is going to be a good option for you is to schedule a consultation with him. During your meeting, he will go over the different implant options which will help him determine whether or not you will be healed enough in time. For instance, because saline implants require a smaller incision, patients tend to recover a little bit faster, but we will go over all of this information with you in person.

Take Recovery Seriously

If Dr. Price does encourage you to go ahead with this surgery before Thanksgiving, then you need to make your recovery your number one priority; even if that means having somebody else host the holiday dinner this year. Remember that the more that you baby yourself during the first week of recovery, the more likely you are to heal faster than you would otherwise. Even though you may not be fully recovered and feeling like yourself at Thanksgiving, taking the time to heal for at least a couple of days will help you feel more like yourself for the big holiday.

If you are sick of waiting to get your breast augmentation and you want to have it done just in time for the holidays, then schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Price at our Guildford office and contact us at (203) 453-6635.

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3 Injections That Are Changing How We Age

Anti Aging Treatment Guilford, CTIt used to be that the only way to reverse some signs of aging was with surgical procedures like an eyelift or a facelift. And although surgical procedures are very effective, they do require a lengthy recovery. With the help of three specific injections and Dr. Gary J. Price, you can get a similar look without having to go under the knife.


Botox may as well be magic in our book and everybody elses’. By temporarily relaxing the muscles in the forehead and around the eyes, Botox softens fine lines and wrinkles which gives patients a more youthful looking appearance. On average, patients see full results after about 5-7 days and results usually last 3-5 months on average.


To help ease fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and lips, and to help add more volume to the cheeks, Dr. Gary J. Price may recommend facial fillers. Unlike Botox which relaxes the muscles, fillers actually fill in the fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on the facial filler that you decide to go with, results may last the upwards of an entire year.


Chin fat is another reason why patients in the past would opt to get surgical procedures like a neck lift or facelift. With Kybella, however, we can get rid of your chin fat with just a few injections. Once injected into the fat under the chin, Kybella works by dissolving it which, in turn, gives patients a more defined physique.

With a combination of Botox, fillers, and Kybella Dr. Gary J. Price can give patients a liquid facelift. During your initial consultation with Dr. Price, he will go over all of your options— surgical and nonsurgical— and help you decide which one best meets your needs. To learn more, contact our Guilford office today and give us a call at (203) 453-6635.

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5 Ways You Can Leave Aging In the Past

Anti Aging Treatment Guilford, CTThese days, the last thing anybody wants to look is there age. When you’re 15, you want to look 21. And when you’re 30, you want to look 20. If you have started to notice some signs of aging on your skin like sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of elasticity, then you may wondering how on earth you will combat them. Luckily, here at Dr. Gary J. Price’s office, we have several ways that you can leave your signs of aging in the past. Let’s take a closer look at 5 of those non-invasive anti-aging treatments.

  1. Botox

One of the most popular non-invasive treatments that we offer patients here at our office is Botox Cosmetic. Botox Cosmetic is an injectable that’s used to temporarily soften fine lines and wrinkles across the forehead and around the eyes; leaving you with a more youthful looking appearance.

  1. Fillers

Fillers are another injectable that are used to treat fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily filling them in. Unlike Botox that’s used to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, fillers are used to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and across the cheeks.

  1. Intense Pulsed Light

Intense pulse light or IPL is used to target the top few layers of the skin and encourage new cell growth. Typically, IPL is used to treat anti aging concerns like a change in texture and sun spots.

  1. Skin Care

Amongst getting skin care treatments done at our office, we also encourage patients to invest in our skin care products that are designed to help patients fight off signs of aging.

  1. Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser skin rejuvenation works in a similar way to IPL but it is a lot stronger and works to target deeper layers of the epidermis.Once those layers are targeted, laser skin rejuvenation works to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Depending on your skin and the results that you want, Dr. Price will help determine what anti-aging treatment is best for you. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us at our office and call us today at (203) 453-6635.

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How to Prepare for a Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift Guilford, CTIf you have noticed that you look sad and grumpy on the outside all of the time but you don’t feel that way on the inside, then it may be due to some sagging skin around your eyebrows. As you age, your skin starts to lose a lot of elasticity; especially around your eyes and forehead, which can make you look a lot more tired and less youthful. So, other than Botox, what are some other ways to help make you look more awake and alive? A forehead lift.

What Is a Forehead Lift?

Here at Dr. Gary J. Price’s office, we offer patients a variety of surgical procedures to help reverse signs of aging including a forehead lift. A forehead lift tightens the skin and soft tissues on the forehead to help counteract the effects of gravity and age; giving you a more youthful forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrow line.

How to Prepare for a Forehead Lift

Just like with any sort of surgery that Dr. Price performs, we will send you home with everything that you need to know about preparing for your surgery. However, just to reiterate, let’s take a closer look at how you can prepare for your big surgery day.

  • Stop smoking at least six weeks before your surgery because it can increase your risk of surgical complications.
  • Avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, large doses of Vitamin C or Vitamin E, fish oil, and flaxseed oil. These types of medications can increase bleeding episodes during and after the procedure.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you to the clinic on the day of the surgery and to drive you home afterward. Additionally, someone should be with you during the first night following your procedure.
  • Prepare for your recovery by getting ice packs or frozen peas ready in the freezer to reduce swelling after surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

Preparing for a forehead lift doesn’t have to be hard and complicated but it can make your entire experience a lot more enjoyable. To learn more about surgery, preparation, or recovery, schedule an appointment at our Guilford office today and call us at (203) 453-6635.

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FAQs About Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Guilford CTIf you have loose, excess skin around your abdomen due either to extreme weight loss or pregnancy, then you may be the perfect candidate for a tummy tuck from Dr. Gary J. Price. By surgically repairing your abdominal muscles and removing excess skin from your abdomen and tightening it, a tummy tuck will give you a more taut stomach. If you have a lot of questions about this procedure, Dr. Gary J. Price is your guide, and he can answer all of your questions in your initial consultation. To hopefully help answer a few of the items on your list, this article will answer from frequently asked questions about tummy tuck surgery. Read on to learn more.

Will My Tummy Tuck Scar Be Noticeable?

One of Dr. Price’s goals when he performs a tummy tuck is to make the incisions low enough that you can cover it with a bikini or panties. Depending on how much excess skin that you have, Dr. Price will determine exactly how low he can make the incision while still giving you the best surgical results.

Will I Be Able to Get Pregnant After Abdominoplasty?

Yes, although we don’t encourage patients to get an abdominoplasty until they are done having children because pregnancy may affect your results. However, if you do decide to get pregnant later on or if you receive a nice surprise, then your tummy tuck shouldn’t have any sort of effect on your pregnancy.

How Long Do Tummy Tuck Results Last?

How long a tummy tuck lasts will be determined by the individual, their lifestyle, and their age. Because loose skin is a common part of the aging process, the more you age, the more likely you are to experience this.

Schedule a Consultation

If you feel like you want to learn more about tummy tuck surgery and whether or not it’s the right procedure for you, schedule your consultation at our Guildford office and call us today at (203) 453-6635.

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How Does Gynecomastia Affect Young and Middle-Aged Men?

Male Breast Reduction Guilford CTWomen want them and men dread getting them; if you are a male who has started to develop breast tissue, then you may suffer from a condition called gynecomastia. And although you may think that there is something wrong with you and that you are some kind of anomaly, it’s very common for men to experience at least some degree of breast enlargement. Common in both teenagers and adults, gynecomastia is treated in different ways depending on how old you are.

In Teens

According to statistics released by the National Institute of Health, about 50-60% of adolescent males suffer from gynecomastia which may come as a surprisingly high number to most people. In young men, gynecomastia is primarily caused by high levels of estrogen during puberty. Luckily, for most boys, their chest will flatten out around their 20’s, but if it doesn’t, then Dr. Gary J. Price may recommend surgery or other treatments.

In Adults

If you thought the statistics for young men with gynecomastia were high, then you may be more surprised. 65% of men between the ages 27-92 experience some form of gynecomastia during this time. There are a variety of factors aside from hormonal imbalances that can cause gynecomastia. These include steroid use, thyroid problems, pituitary gland cancer, alcohol abuse, or even marijuana use.

Gynecomastia Treatment

As previously mentioned, for most teenage boys, their gynecomastia will subside once they reach their 20’s. However, for those who can’t get rid of it on their own, Dr. Gary J. Price may recommend the same surgery as he does for adults. During a male breast reduction surgery, Dr. Price will remove excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breast area to help create a more masculine chest. And although the physical results after this type of surgery are incredible, the emotional results are equally as powerful.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about gynecomastia treatment and surgery, then schedule a consultation appointment at our Guildford office today and contact us at (203) 453-6635.

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