Spring into these habits for healthier skin

Skin Care | Gary j Price | New Haven, Connecticut If you have surgical and non-surgical procedures done to restore a youthful appearance to your skin, it’s important to take care of your skin to enhance and prolong results. Here are xxx habits you can adopt for healthier skin:

Eat your fruits and vegetables. Consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins will help improve the health of all of the organs of your body, including your skin, which is the largest organ of the body.

Stay hydrated. Hydration is essential for radiant, healthy-looking skin, but you won’t get that with soda or diet soda. Keep your skin and body hydrated by drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.

Protect your skin from the sun. Sun exposure over time will cause lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other skin problems. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Apply liberally and every two hours, applying more often if you’re swimming or sweating in the heat. Wear sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats to protect the skin as well, especially the delicate skin around the eyes.

Don’t smoke. Smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients, causing it to have poor, uneven skin tone. Smoking also damages collagen and elastin, which are fibers in your skin that provide strength and elasticity, causing the skin to sag. Smoking also contributes to lines and wrinkles, especially the deep lines around the lips called the “smoker’s pucker.”

Get your sleep. Your skin will benefit from getting eight hours a night, so develop a good nighttime routine to help you have a better chance at restful sleep.

Use the correct cleanser for your skin type. If you are dealing with oily or acne-prone skin, you’ll want a cleanser that’s designed to address those skin concerns. No matter your skin type, find the products that address your concerns.

Moisturize day and night. Apply a moisturizer right after you shower in the morning and before you go to bed. If you’re spending time in the sun, use a moisturizer containing SPF.

Adding these simple habits to your daily routine will help your skin achieve a more youthful appearance. To formulate a comprehensive plan to help turn back time on your face, call (203) 453-6635 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Price.

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How does a brow lift help achieve a more youthful, alert look?

Aging brings about many advantages and benefits, but not when it comes to our skin. As we age, our faces show the effects of time as skin loses elasticity. Wrinkles form along the forehead and brows sag, making the upper eyelids appear saggy as well and contributing to an overall tired look. If you’re interested in achieving a more youthful, alert look to your face, then a brow lift may be right for you.

Also called a forehead lift, a brow lift removes or alters the muscles above the eyes to smooth lines and raise eyebrows for a more youthful appearance. Patients typically range between the ages of 40 and 60 as they start seeing the effects of time on their faces. Ideal candidates are in good health and have horizontal lines across their forehead, vertical “11” lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet around the eyes and a general sagging of their brows, which makes them look tired or angry.

There are a couple ways to perform a brow lift, but Dr. Price most often performs an endoscopic brow lift rather than a coronal lift. A coronal brow lift is a traditional brow lift that consists of one long incision from ear to ear across the top of the head, hidden within the hairline. The forehead skin is lifted away from the head as underlying muscles are trimmed and repositioned as necessary. Eyebrows may be lifted as well, before excess skin is trimmed. The skin is re-draped and the long incision is then closed.

An endoscopic brow lift consists of making 3-5 short incisions within the hairline. An endoscope, which is a long, thin tube with a camera on the end, is inserted through one of the incisions to provide an excellent view of the areas that need to be addressed. Microsurgical tools are inserted through the other incisions to manipulate the skin and muscles to tighten and lift. The small incisions are then closed, resulting in minimal scarring and shorter recovery time than traditional coronal brow lift surgery.

What’s great about a brow lift is that it can be combined with a number of procedures, including a face lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery (called blepharoplasty) and skin rejuvenation to achieve the results you desire. To learn more about a brow lift and other ways to achieve a more youthful look, call (203) 453-6635 for a consultation today.

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Who is a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation not only improves a woman’s breast shape, but it also has the power to improve self-confidence. As this is a deeply personal surgical procedure with high patient satisfaction, it’s essential to understand what makes someone a candidate for breast augmentation.

Here are some criteria:

You are generally healthy and are not pregnant or breastfeeding. You will discuss your medical history and any health concerns during your consultation. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or even if you are planning a future pregnancy, you will want to hold off until you are done with childbearing. Patients who smoke, drink excessively, have active infections or serious illnesses are not good candidates for this procedure.

Your breasts are fully developed. You have to wait until your breasts are done growing until you have this surgery, as it can reverse your results. Some women still go through changes in their 20s. To be considered for surgery, a patient must be at least 18 years old to have saline implants and 22 years old to get silicone gel implants.

You believe your breasts are too small. If you have abnormally small breasts (micromastia), implants can help you achieve a more proportional shape to your figure.

Your breasts have lost shape and volume after pregnancy, weight fluctuations or aging. Pregnancy, nursing, losing significant weight not related to pregnancy and just aging in general can make breasts lose volume and sag, appearing deflated.

One breast is larger than the other. Puberty, hormonal changes and trauma can affect the shape and size of breasts. Breast augmentation can help you achieve a symmetrical look.

One or both breasts didn’t develop normally. If your breasts didn’t develop normally or have an elongated shape, this surgery can help bring about a youthful, balanced look.

It’s imperative you have realistic expectations and to be in a good frame of mind when undergoing any plastic surgery, as they can permanently change your appearance. If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery for fuller, larger breasts, give us a call today at (203) 453-6635 to set up a consultation.

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What are my breast implant options?

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure, with around 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries performed in the United States each year. There are many options when it comes to implants and the way they are inserted, giving you a lot to consider when making your decision.

Here, we break down the differences between implants and placements:

Silicone gel implants

Silicone gel implants feel most like natural breasts. They are made of a silicone outer shell filled with medical-grade silicone gel. These gelatin-like implants are FDA-approved for augmentation in women ages 22 and older. If the implant ruptures, the gel may remain in the shell or some of the silicone gel can leak into the breast pocket. Known as a “silent” rupture, you wouldn’t know that a leak has occurred since there is no collapse of the implant. You will need an MRI scan every two years to make sure

Saline implants

FDA-approved for breast augmentation in women ages 18 and older, saline implants start as empty implant shells that are placed into the breast pocket and filled with sterile saltwater. If the implant ever leaks, it is absorbed by your body and expelled naturally.


Also filled with saline, this new implant has a natural feel thanks to its internal support structure that controls the movement of saline. If this implant ruptures, it also gets absorbed by the body safely and naturally.

Choosing implant size

With the aid of a 3D imaging system, you can get a preview of how your body will look with different implant sizes, which will help you make a more confident decision.

Choosing implant placement

There are two options for breast implant placement: subglandular and submuscular. For women who have significant sagging but don’t want a breast lift, a subglandular placement may be recommended. This is when the implant is placed behind breast tissue in front of the pectoral muscle. The implant is placed firmly behind the chest muscle wall with submuscular placement. This is preferred by plastic surgeons over subglandular as there is less noticeable wrinkling or rippling and the placement is more natural-looking.

For a thorough breast augmentation consultation to discuss all of your options and questions, call (203) 453-6635 today.

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What to expect from a breast lift

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity and weight loss not related to childbearing can all contribute to the appearance of breasts. Over time, breasts begin to sag and droop, which leads many women to discuss a breast lift surgery with their doctor. If your breasts have lost their youthful shape and firmness, a breast lift may be all that’s needed to make you look and feel your best. Here’s what you can expect from this surgery:

This surgery does not add volume. A breast lift can be done with or without augmentation, which requires placement of implants to increase volume.

There is more than one incision pattern. You will discuss the options that best suit your anatomy with your surgeon, which include an incision solely around the areola, a “lollipop” incision around the areola and down to the breast crease, or an “anchor” incision around the areola, vertically down to the breast crease and horizontally along the crease.

A breast lift is an outpatient procedure. This surgery takes three hours on average while the patient is under twilight, or mild, anesthesia. Extra skin will be removed and breast tissue will be lifted into the proper location. Nipples may be relocated depending on the new breast shape.

The results are immediate. Even though you will still have some swelling and visible incision lines, you will see the results right away. Your satisfaction will continue to grow as you recover from surgery. There will be scarring, but incision lines are concealed in the natural breast contours as much as possible. Scars will significantly fade and improve over time.

The results are long-lasting. Aging and gravity will change your breasts over time naturally, but you can maintain your results much longer by maintaining your weight and keeping a healthy, active lifestyle. Significant weight loss can impact the appearance of your breasts as well.

Wait until after childbearing to get a breast lift. Changes that happen to the breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding can reverse the improvements made by a breast lift.

A breast lift is a great way to restore a youthful shape to your breasts. To explore all of your options for a breast lift with or without augmentation, call (203) 453-6635 and schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Price.

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6 things you should know about a mini facelift

As we age, our skin loses elasticity, stretching and sagging and causing us to look older. There are many different options for rejuvenation treatment, but with the early signs of aging in the face, a mini facelift, or “celebrity lift” may be all that’s needed for many patients. It’s a popular alternative to a standard facelift, offering a quicker recovery, shorter incisions and less cost than a full lift. If you’re thinking about going under the knife to turn back time on your face, here are six things you should know about a mini facelift:


It requires minimal downtime compared to a full facelift. Recovery is as short as three days. There is minimal to no pain after the lift, and no dressings are required. After five days, your sutures will be removed. You can hide stitches with your hair and the mild bruising with makeup and certain hairstyles. Exercise, however, will be restricted for two weeks. 


The incisions are shorter than with a full facelift. A short incision is made in front of the ear and extends down into the crease between the ear and the cheek. Thin muscle tissues are pulled upward and outward toward the ears. Once the tissues are lifted into the ideal position, Dr. Price sutures them into place and trims the extra skin and hides the incision. For a full facelift, the incision begins at the temples along the hairline, down around the ears, ending in the hairline behind the ear. 


It’s not as completely effective as a full facelift for neck problems. For more advanced sagging of the neck, a full facelift is the better option. 


It can be performed using local anesthesia or intravenous sedation. General anesthesia is not necessary with mini facelifts. 


It can be combined with other rejuvenation treatments. Just like a full facelift, a mini facelift can be performed with injectable fillers, laser treatments, and eyelid surgery and other forms of rejuvenation treatments. 


The results are permanent. But as with any treatment, your face will continue to age naturally. Some patients will undergo a second procedure in five years after the initial mini facelift to restore results. 


Ready to see a younger, fresher look to your face? To learn more about the mini facelift, schedule a consultation with Dr. by calling (203) 453-6635. 

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7 things you should know about breast reduction surgery

7 things you should know about breast reduction surgeryWomen with very large breasts may deal with a lot of physical and psychological problems such as pain, discomfort, back problems, recurring rashes and emotional distress. Breast reduction has one of the highest satisfaction rates, helping women feel more comfortable and confident by reducing volume and weight in the breasts. Here are seven things you should know about breast reduction surgery.


  • Women who undergo surgery say they feel more at home in their bodies. Large breasts can bring on unwanted attention and can make certain clothing uncomfortable.
  • Candidates for surgery have reached full physical and emotional maturity. Patients who are planning on future pregnancies or are breastfeeding are not good candidates for breast reduction surgery.
  • Breast reduction is usually done on an outpatient basis. Patients go under general anesthesia during the procedure, which takes about 3 to 5 hours.
  • There are several techniques for incisions. Donut incision runs around the areola, while a keyhole incision (also called a lollipop incision) encircles the areola and runs straight down to the breast crease. The anchor incision borders the areola, extends to the breast crease and then runs along the breast crease. For women who have fatty breasts with excellent skin elasticity, a liposuction technique with microincisions maybe all that’s needed.
  • Scarring varies with each technique. You should expect to have some visible scarring. Incisions around the areolae tend to disappear into the border between the darker areola skin and breast skin. As you heal, scar appearance becomes increasingly subtle to where you should only see a slight line.
  • Breast reduction can be combined with lift. Reducing breast size does not affect projection or breast height on the chest wall. If breast weight caused the skin to become loose and saggy, a lift will reposition the breast tissue to sit higher and project fully.
  • Results are long-lasting. Unless you get pregnant or gain a significant amount of weight, you can expect your breasts to remain the same size after this surgery. With age, however, you may experience normal sagging.

Breast reduction is a life-changing surgery for many women and even men. For a comprehensive consultation, call (203) 453-6635 today.

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What you need to know about eyelid surgery

Gary J. Price, MD, PCDroopy eyelids and baggy eyes not only make a person look tired or older, but they can even interfere with vision. Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, can remove excess skin, fat and muscle from the areas around the upper and lower eyelids to help you look more refreshed and even improve vision.

If you’re considering eyelid surgery, here are a few things you may not know:

1. Anyone over the age of 40 could benefit from eyelid surgery.

Constant exposure to the sun and various environmental factors can lead to the rapid aging of the eyelids. Eyelid surgery is a common cosmetic surgical procedure done on patients between the ages of 40 and 54.

2. Eyelid surgery can improve vision and reduce headaches.

Eyelid surgery goes beyond just an improved appearance. Blepharoplasty removes excess skin that droops over the eyes, and this excess skin can cause vision problems and headaches from overusing muscles that strain to lift sagging skin on the eyelids.

3. There are three kinds of eyelid surgery.

Upper eyelid surgery is often done on the elderly to help with loss of vision and treat sagging, droopy skin. Lower eyelid surgery is done to remove or modify eye bags and improve drooping and the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. A double eyelid surgery is for patients without a natural eyelid fold, creating a crease in the upper eyelids to create double eyelids.

4. Pain is minimal, and healing is fast.

Visible bruising from eyelid surgery may last up to two weeks. Stitches are removed five days after surgery, and by this time you will notice a huge difference in your eyelids. Incision lines are concealed in natural folds and will be easy to hide until they fade. Final results can be seen after six months.

5. Eyelid surgery can yield results that last for years.

Compared to other cosmetic procedures, eyelid surgery doesn’t need to be repeated as frequently. Most patients won’t require additional eyelid surgeries.

Eyelid surgery is just one way Dr. Price can help you “turn back the clock.” For a comprehensive consultation to address your desired look, call (203) 453-6635 today.

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Is a Mommy Makeover right for you?

Gary J. Price, MD, PC Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful transformations a woman can experience in her lifetime. Unfortunately, pregnancy, childbirth and all of the hormonal changes that come with the transition to motherhood can leave a woman with sagging breasts, loose skin, stretch marks and abdominal muscle separation. Even strict diet and exercise don’t address these things, which can take a toll on a woman’s body.

Women are increasingly turning to the “mommy makeover,” which is a combination of multiple cosmetic procedures, often including a tummy tuck, breast augmentation (with or without lift) and liposuction. Other treatments and less-invasive procedures such as mini tummy tucks and fat transfers may be considered as well.

So how do you know a mommy makeover is right for you?

Here some ways to know you are a good candidate for this life-changing surgery:

1. You are certain that you are done having children.

A woman’s body undergoes so many changes with pregnancy and childbirth that you risk reversing the results of your mommy makeover if you have more children after the procedure or continue to nurse. Dr. Price suggests that women who are considering this surgery are certain they are done with their childbearing.

2. You have sagging breasts and/or notice a loss in breast volume

Your consultation with Dr. Price will help you determine what procedure will be best for your desired results. Many women will want a breast augmentation with a breast lift for fullness and youthful shape, while other women want to have a reduction surgery to reduce volume.

3. You have excess skin and fat on your stomach

A tummy tuck can tighten underlying muscles and remove excess skin to give you a flatter belly. Liposuction can remove small deposits of fat to improve contour and create a better figure.

4. You have lost a majority of baby weight

deal patients for mommy makeover surgery are in good health and have lost a majority of their baby weight. You also have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about the surgical results and are doing the procedure for yourself, no one else.

A mommy makeover can be life-changing. To learn whether this all-in-one surgery is right for you, call (203) 453-6635 and schedule a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Price.

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4 Non-Surgical Treatments to Look and Feel Your Best This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be the most stressful time of the year between shopping for gifts, preparing your home for guests and squeezing in the time to attend all those holiday parties and gatherings. Get your skin in tip-top shape for those family photos and Instagram snaps with these four non-surgical treatments that offer mega results with little to no downtime:


No need for those photo filters when you can reduce the appearance of forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet and other common facial expression lines. Botox is an FDA-approved treatment that relaxes contracted muscles in your face, with results that last well into the New Year.

Facial Fillers

Restore volume and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles to achieve a more youthful look with dermal fillers, which target different areas of your face such as folds around the nose and mouth, and hollowing in the cheeks or jawline. Juvéderm and Restylane are two families of fillers that harness the power hyaluronic acid, an organic substance naturally made by the body, with water in the skin to restore volume, softness and radiance, for results that last several months.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Dr. Price offers three different laser skin rejuvenation treatments to address sun damage, discoloration, acne scarring and more with little downtime and long-lasting results. ActiveFX uses a high-energy laser beam light to tighten skin and reduce lines, scars and wrinkles all while removing brown spots and other skin irregularities. DeepFX treats deep wrinkles and scars and improves skin tone using an ultrapulse laser, which also increases the production of collagen to promote healthier, smoother skin. TotalFX is a total resurfacing treatment that combines both systems to treat sun-damaged skin and brown spots as well as wrinkles, scars and uneven skin tone.


Have you ever wanted dramatic eyelashes that look great with or without mascara and eyeliner? The first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment for growing fuller, longer and darker eyelashes, Latisse is proven effective and safe to use and an alternative to mascara and eyelash extensions. Apply to each upper lash line as part of your bedtime routine and you’ll start seeing results in as little as four weeks with full results after 12-16 weeks.

This is only a glimpse at the wide variety of non-surgical options that can help you achieve a youthful glow this holiday season. Call (203) 453-6635 today to schedule a consultation and review your options with Dr. Price.

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