An alternative to traditional face lift

For years, if men and women have wanted to rejuvenate their appearance by tightening lose skin and getting rid of extra folds of skin beneath the chin, they would have to turn to a standard, “full” face lift. Today, you can get a mini facelift, or “celebrity lift,” which offers many benefits over a standard face lift. Read on to learn more about the mini facelift.

The Mini Facelift

A mini facelift consists of making a short incision at the hairline in front of the ear. This incision extends down into the crease between the ear and the cheek. The skin in front of the ear is pulled upward and outward so that the thin, deeper muscle layer can be lifted into a more youthful position. Once the skin and underlying muscles are in their new position, they are sutured into place with permanent sutures. The extra skin is trimmed, hiding the incision where the cheek and ear meet.


A mini facelift comes with many benefits over a traditional facelift. First, the surgery requires local anesthesia or IV sedation, not general anesthesia. No bandages are necessary. And the surgery takes 60-90 minutes.

As far as results, a mini lift enhances a patient’s natural facial contours, offering significant results so the patient still looks completely natural.


A mini or celebrity facelift offers many benefits over a standard facelift, including a faster recovery, shorter incisions and less overall cost. Patients will notice minimal or no pain, and no dressings are needed. Sutures are removed five days after surgery. You will have restrictions on activities for about two weeks as lifting, pulling and pushing should be avoided.


Results are immediate and will continue to improve over time. While your face will continue to age, your results are permanent. Some patients may choose to undergo a second surgery to restore their results five years later.

If you want to restore definition to your jaw, remove sagging and wrinkles around your lower cheeks and jaw and give your face a more rejuvenated appearance with a mini facelift, call (203) 453-6635 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Price.

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