7 things you should know about breast reduction surgery

Women with very large breasts may deal with a lot of physical and psychological problems such as pain, discomfort, back problems, recurring rashes and emotional distress. Breast reduction has one of the highest satisfaction rates, helping women feel more comfortable and confident by reducing volume and weight in the breasts. Here are se

7 things you should know about breast reduction surgery

ven things you should know about breast reduction surgery.


  • Women who undergo surgery say they feel more at home in their bodies. Large breasts can bring on unwanted attention and can make certain clothing uncomfortable.
  • Candidates for surgery have reached full physical and emotional maturity. Patients who are planning on future pregnancies or are breastfeeding are not good candidates for breast reduction surgery.
  • Breast reduction is usually done on an outpatient basis. Patients go under general anesthesia during the procedure, which takes about 3 to 5 hours.
  • There are several techniques for incisions. Donut incision runs around the areola, while a keyhole incision (also called a lollipop incision) encircles the areola and runs straight down to the breast crease. The anchor incision borders the areola, extends to the breast crease and then runs along the breast crease. For women who have fatty breasts with excellent skin elasticity, a liposuction technique with microincisions maybe all that’s needed.
  • Scarring varies with each technique. You should expect to have some visible scarring. Incisions around the areolae tend to disappear into the border between the darker areola skin and breast skin. As you heal, scar appearance becomes increasingly subtle to where you should only see a slight line.
  • Breast reduction can be combined with lift. Reducing breast size does not affect projection or breast height on the chest wall. If breast weight caused the skin to become loose and saggy, a lift will reposition the breast tissue to sit higher and project fully.
  • Results are long-lasting. Unless you get pregnant or gain a significant amount of weight, you can expect your breasts to remain the same size after this surgery. With age, however, you may experience normal sagging.

Breast reduction is a life-changing surgery for many women and even men. For a comprehensive consultation, call (203) 453-6635 today.

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