3 Places You Can Get Botox to Look Younger

Botox New Haven, ConnecticutIt’s no secret that Botox is popular among men and women of all ages. As a non-invasive injectable, Botox can help take years off of your face and prevent premature wrinkles from forming in the first place. But where exactly will Dr. Price inject Botox to help give you a more youthful appearance? Let’s take a closer look and see.




Your elevens are the vertical lines that are in between your eyebrows that kind of look like the number eleven. A lot of people get these lines when they scrunch their face p when they’re excited, angry, or frustrated. To help you get rid of these lines, Dr. Price will inject Botox into the facial muscles right by your eyebrow and even in your eyebrow so that you can’t make these movements.


Crows Feet


When you smile, do you have wrinkles on the sides of your eyes? Or, when your face is even relaxed, do you still have those wrinkles? If so, then Dr. Price can help alleviate these wrinkles with Botox. During your appointment, he will inject Botox directly into the muscles on the sides of the eyes to help soften the appearance of crow’s feet.


Forehead Wrinkles


Botox can be injected all across your forehead to temporarily soften fine lines and wrinkles. During your initial consultation, Dr. Price will have you make certain movements with your forehead to see where exactly you have wrinkles or where you could potentially get them. Then, he will inject Botox into those muscles to relax them.


Botox is primarily used for cosmetic purposes across the forehead and around the eyes. If you want to learn a little bit more, contact us at our Guilford office today at (203) 453-6635.

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