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Face Lift & Neck Lift

Face Lift Stock PhotoAs we age, our bodies naturally show signs of getting older, such as sagging in the mid-face area, folds or creases in the lower eyelids, facial jowls, and loose skin under the jaw. While rejuvenation procedures can reduce the effects of aging over time, New Haven, Connecticut face lift surgery effectively improves the visible effects of aging in both the face and neck.

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Your Options

Candidacy for surgery is considered on an individual basis, but if you are in overall good health physically and don't smoke, facelift surgery in Connecticut may be a good option for you. A face lift is known medically as a "rhytidectomy." There are actually multiple types of facelifts, which include:

  • Full face lift addresses the neck, jaw line, and cheek area, and may be combined with eyelid surgery or a brow lift for patients who also need correction in these areas.

  • Celebrity facelift (or mini-lift) is a face lift that requires little downtime, shorter incisions, and shorter recovery time. The procedure can be done with local anesthesia. It has a lower chance of side effects and often is performed in conjunction with other forms of cosmetic treatments, including injectable fillers. This procedure is a popular option for patients desiring quick recovery times. Because the incisions are smaller, recovery time can be as little as 3 days.

  • Neck lift procedures specifically target loose skin, excess fat, or weak muscles under the jaw and chin. A neck lift can be enhanced with both targeted liposuction and BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport® injections. If you are concerned about sagging skin around your neck and would like a more pleasing neckline, a neck lift may be an excellent option.

Most face lifts may be performed with intravenous sedation, a technique that offers total patient comfort without the need for general anesthesia or hospitalization. Dr. Price can perform your procedure in his private, fully-licensed operating room, giving you a convenient alternative to hospital facilities.

Conditions Treated

This treatment is for:

Your Next Step

Are you ready to find out more about face lift and neck lift surgery? Request a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Price or call his office in Guilford at 203-453-6635. His office is convenient to patients from New Haven and other communities in Connecticut and Rhode Island, and is 90 minutes from New York.