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Body Lift

Body Lift Stock PhotoAfter extreme weight loss, whether from bariatric surgery, childbirth, or diet/exercise, excess skin and fat can often detract from your wonderful accomplishment. Women and men from New Haven, Connecticut choose body lift surgery to achieve tighter body contours. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Price understands the special considerations extreme weight loss patients face and strives to provide a rewarding patient experience.

Request a consultation online or call us at 203-453-6635 to learn more about body lift procedures.

About Body Lift Surgery

Our Connecticut patients often require body lift surgery after significant weight loss because the skin around the abdomen and waist is stretched to the point where it is no longer elastic. Instead of conforming to your new slimmer shape, skin hangs and droops, causing disappointment along with physical problems like rashes and chafing. During a body lift, Dr. Price removes the excess skin with special attention to minimizing and concealing scarring. As part of the body lift, he often performs liposuction to remove remaining pockets of fat.

Many body lift surgeries may be performed with intravenous sedation, a technique that offers total patient comfort without the need for general anesthesia or hospitalization. In such cases, Dr. Price can perform your procedure in his private, fully-licensed operating room, giving you a convenient alternative to hospital facilities. Some patients will require conventional anesthesia and hospital care.

Dr. Gary Price is now offering Vectra® 3D Imaging, an innovative system that lets you visualize your problem areas and truly customize your cosmetic experience. Click to learn more.

Your Options

While body lift surgery focuses on the waist and abdominal area, it's likely that you have other areas in need of tightening as well. To meet the unique needs of each patient, Dr. Price can achieve an overall body enhancement by combining a body lift with other cosmetic procedures including:

Because post weight loss patients often require multiple procedures, body lift procedures are not usually performed at the same time. During your confidential consultation, Dr. Price will develop a customized treatment plan that will concentrate on your safety and comfort, and allow for sufficient recovery time between each set of procedures. Dr. Price's ability to design a personalized plan, combined with his skills and compassion, cause many post-weight-patients to choose him over other CT plastic surgeons.

Conditions Treated

This treatment is for:

Your Next Step

Are you ready to find out if body lift surgery is right for you? Request a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Price or call his office in Guilford at 203-453-6635. His office is convenient to patients from New Haven and other communities in Connecticut and Rhode Island, and is 90 minutes from New York.