Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

rhinoplasty connecticut | nose job fairfield county ctWhat is a Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job, is a surgical alteration of the nose to improve its function or to change its appearance. Connecticut Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gary Price, performs nose surgery to enhance facial features, repair a nose that has been deformed by trauma, and correct impaired breathing due to structural problems in the nose.


What to expect from a Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has several specific goals. Some facilitate breathing as well as improve facial appearance. The procedure can change many aspects of the nose. During the rhinoplasty, Dr. Price may make your appearance more pleasing to you by:

  • Decreasing the size of the nose and its parts
  • Removing a hump on the nose
  • Sculpting the shape of the tip or the bridge
  • Reshaping the nostrils
  • Repairing your nose after an injury

Is every Rhinoplasty the same?

Since there is no one perfect shape, Connecticut patients who have a rhinoplasty can change the appearance of the nose to better suit their facial structure.

When can I resume normal activities?

After a Rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Gary Price will evaluate your individual recovery timeframe. Typically, normal activities can be resumed 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure.

Septal Surgery for Breathing Problems

The nasal septum separates the nasal passages in the nose. The septum is made out of cartilage and thin bone. Due to birth defects or injury, some people have a deviated septum which can impair breathing. Dr. Price corrects a deviated septum by trimming and straightening the cartilage. This procedure can be performed as an outpatient procedure with local or general anesthesia and usually takes 1 to 2 hours. Incisions are made within the nose so there is no outward scarring.

Post-Traumatic Rhinoplasty

In addition to the cosmetic and medical applications of rhinoplasty, there is a reconstructive aspect as well. When the nose is broken, it doesn’t always heal back in the same shape. Post-traumatic rhinoplasty performed by Connecticut Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gary Price, can help restore the face to its former appearance before the injury.

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