Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

“Man Breasts” can plague men of any age. Adolescent males frequently experience enlarged breast tissue, which usually shrinks after several years on its own. Sometimes this does not go away, or can develop later in life. It is often a source of significant embarrassment, which can bother men their entire lives.

What causes enlarged male breasts?

While this condition can be caused by pubertal hormonal imbalance, medical problems associated with abnormal hormone levels, the use of steroids, recreational drugs such as marijuana, or prescription medications, it frequently occurs in the absence of these. It can be associated with weight gain, age, or other factors.

Am I a good candidate?

Men of all ages in whom the medical causes for enlarged breasts have been ruled out may be good candidates for this surgery. It is sometimes performed for men in their teens, and can allow men in their sixties or older to feel less self conscious with their shirts off!

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast reduction surgery is performed as an outpatient. Often, very small incisions can be made, and the condition improved with liposuction alone. Many of these surgeries are performed in our private, nationally accredited surgical facility without the need for general anesthesia. Some patients will need skin removed. Dr. Price can determine the best plan for your individual problem after a consultation and examination.

What can I expect after Gynecomastia surgery?

You will be able to return home the day of surgery. You will have a wrap around gauze dressing and compression bandage. Showering is allowed at 48 hours. Bruising and swelling are quite normal, and visible without clothing for two weeks. Several days of discomfort requiring intermittent pain medication is also quite normal.

Schedule a Consultation

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