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How to Repair Gauged Ears

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Guilford, CT“The past is in the past” until it’s not. If you hopped on the ear gauging trend and had your ears gauged to a size that you can practically fit plates into (or just a pen cap) but want your normal earlobes back, you may be at a loss for what you can do to repair them. Even though your skin is an incredible organ that can repair itself over time, if your earlobes were stretched to substantial limits, not even time can heal those wounds. Luckily, Dr. Gary J. Price can help restore your earlobes, so they don’t look like they’ve been stretched to their limits.

Here at our office, Dr. Gary J. Price offers a variety of ear repair surgeries including otoplasty which is performed to correct ears that protrude too far from the head. Additionally, he performs earlobe repair surgery to help restore earlobes that have been stretched, torn, or ripped.

Your earlobes are made solely of fat and skin making them an easy part of the body to work with. Without bones or cartilage, Dr. Price can typically perform this restorative surgery in about an average of 30 minutes. During this surgery, the skin lining the tear will typically be removed, and then the hole where your gauges were will be stitched up.

During recovery, your earlobes will be a bit tender to the touch. We recommend that you avoid any contact sports or activities that could harm your ears. To help ease any pain or swelling, try taking an over the counter (OTC) pain reliever. Our office will send you home with instructions regarding what OTC drugs you can take while recovering. Many patients wonder if they will be able to pierce their ears again after surgery. Depending on how big your gauges were and how well your ears have healed from this procedure will determine whether or not you’ll be able to have them pierced again.

If you didn’t properly gauge your love for gauged ears and wanted to have them fixed, schedule a consultation with our Guilford office today!

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Feeling Cheeky? 3 Ways to Fuller Cheeks

Cheek Enhancement | Dr. Gary PriceWearing a large amount of blush used to be the only way that women could enhance their cheeks. Luckily, times have changed, and women now have several options available to give them a pronounced, chiseled look. From injectables to cheek implants, this article will discuss three common ways that Dr. Gary J. Price can help you enhance your cheeks.


Did you know that injectables like Juvederm and Restylane can be used to add volume to your cheeks? By methodically injecting both the lower and upper portion of your cheekbones, Dr. Gary J. Price can give you fuller cheeks without you having to go under the knife. Lasting up to a year, injections give patients real results without the headache of undergoing surgery.

Fat Grafting

Depending on your body weight and overall health, Dr. Gary J. Price may recommend doing fat grafting to give you bigger cheeks. By extracting fat from certain parts of your body like your abdomen or upper thighs, Dr. Price will then reinject the fat into your cheeks to help add more volume. Depending on how well your body takes the fat and how well the extraction process goes, you should be able to enjoy your fat grafting results for about six months on average.

Cheek Implants

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to help give you fuller cheeks without having to wear all of that makeup, consider getting cheek implants. Placed through well-hidden incisions, cheek implants are hard, solid implants that are surgically placed over your existing cheek bone. Once the implant is correctly placed, Dr. Price will then stitch you up, and you will be able to enjoy a more pronounced looking profile.

As you can see, there are a variety of options that you can choose from in order to get plumper, fuller looking cheeks. Leave your hot pink blush inside your makeup bag and consider getting cheek enhancements from Dr. Gary J. Price. To learn more about these and other treatments that we offer, contact Dr. Gary J. Price’s office today to schedule a consultation.

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Chin Implants – The 411

Cosmetic chin surgery (“chin implants” or “chin augmentation”) is the option of choice for anyone who feels that their chin is small, poorly shaped or does not fit well with their facial shape. A chin augmentation can add balance and proportion to the chin as it relates to other facial features. Chin augmentation is accomplished with implants which increase the size or modify the shape of the chin.

chin implantBecoming educated about the procedure is an important first step if you are curious about chin implants:

  • If you are in good health and have reasonable goals and expectations, you would be a good candidate for a chin implant.
  • Keep in mind that a chin implant won’t make you look like someone else, but it can enhance and balance your features.
  • Chin augmentation offers many aesthetic benefits for those who have a recessed, pointed or square chin, a prominent nose or a fleshy neck.
  • Chin implants are often used in conjunction with a “nose job” (rhinoplasty) and may also be used with cheek implants to achieve overall facial balance.
  • Before the surgery, you’ll consult with Dr. Price and discuss your medical history, any dental problems you’ve had, and any prior cosmetic or facial reconstructive surger
  • The chin implant, which is made of a silicone material and is shaped like the narrow chin guard of a sports helmet, is placed through an incision inside your lower lip or under your chin.
  • Recovery is typically quick; a week off from work is usually sufficient.
  • After the surgery, you will have some mild bruising and swelling that can last a few days. Dr. Price will let you know what to watch for as far as excessive or abnormal swelling or bruising.

If you think you would be a good candidate for a chin implant and would like to know more, call for a consultation with Dr. Price, today: (203) 453-6635.

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